The One Thing They Don't Tell You About Fillers

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Fillers… Everyone’s heard of them, you may even have them; after all, they’re one of the most popular procedures in the world right now. And we understand why: little downtime, minimal pain, and almost instant results. But that doesn’t mean you should make any rash decisions as it doesn’t just impact the size of your lips, it can alter the your entire face, including your smile. And let’s be real, we’ve all seen lip fillers gone wrong…

So, before you make your first (or another appointment) consult with your dermatologist or your dentist. We spoke to our go-to dentist, Dr. Apa, who is responsible for some of the most famous smiles in Hollywood, and he explained why it’s SO important to consider the bigger picture! He also told us that his secret to a plumper, permanent pout, and a great lip filler alternative, is in fact, veneers. We were just as surprised as you probably are right now. Dr. Apa explains it all:

What You Need To Consider

The most important thing you need to realize is that lip fillers don’t just affect the size of your lips; it can completely alter the dimensions of your smile, which is something a lot of people don’t realize and something that isn’t mentioned enough. “If done correctly, they can enhance the smile by highlighting the area. However, many times we see fillers over-utilized, which pushes the lip down and will cover your teeth. Also beware of settling or inaccuracy, which can cause an asymmetry in the smile.” says Dr. Apa, which is why he recommends consulting with “A good dermatologist with an overall plan for your face, not just your lips.”

The Most Common Mistake With Fillers

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Dr. Apa told us that the most common mistake cosmetic aestheticians make with lip fillers isAsymmetry and over filling. Especially as you get older and your upper lip becomes longer it will make your smile worse not better. The position of the teeth and lips are naturally falling and compressing, making your teeth less visible in your smile. Filling the upper lip at that point can push the lip further over your teeth making it hard to show them when you smile.”

A More Long Term Solution  

Instead, you may want to consider a more permanent alternative to fillers, which Dr. Apa believes to be veneers. “By building the teeth out it will push the lip up (if done correctly) and will make the lip appear fuller. We use veneers by understanding where the patient is in the aging process and building the new smile that correctly supports the lip showing the correct number of upper teeth at rest while speaking and while smiling. ”


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Veneers are a more long-term solution, which also means a longer process and a higher initial price tag. However, it can work out to be more cost-effective in the long-term than constantly having your lips refilled every three to six months. For veneers, “It’s a two-visit process where the teeth are slightly shaped and temporary veneers are designed for you to see how the overall final smile will appear. Once the patient “signs off” on that, we proceed with making each individual porcelain veneer by hand to bring the temporary veneer design to life” explains Dr. Apa.

The Lesson

The lesson here is that you should always consider the bigger picture and think about how the change is going to impact your entire face, including your smile. Remember, even the smallest change can make a really big difference; it can draw attention to or away from something, plus it can make your other features look larger or smaller. Once you’ve considered this, you can then work out how much filler would work with the angles and proportions of your face. It’s something not a lot of people consider and not enough cosmetic surgeons mention but it’s the best way to ensure you’re happy with the results!

If you’re considering fillers make sure you read our lip filler guide. Or if you’ve already had fillers, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.