These 2 Small Changes Had A Major Impact On My Skin


double cleansing

It’s amazing when you find an insane new formula that makes all your skin dreams come true. It might be the perfect pimple treatment, a new cream that softens your fine lines, or even just a serum that is giving your skin a legit glow. But, there’re two super simple things I started doing that have made an incredible difference to my skin.

The first step – and I cannot tell you enough how important this is  is the process of double cleansing. Double cleansing basically means washing your face twice, which is essential because cleansing once will hardly even make a dent in the makeup on your skin – especially if you love wearing as much makeup as I do. By thoroughly cleansing, not only is all the dirt, oil, and makeup completely gone, but it means that your following skincare steps can penetrate deeper and better absorb into your skin, as there’s no barrier.

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The most effective double cleansing method is to use an oil cleanser first, and then follow with a water-based cleanser that suits your skin type, like a gel, foam or cream. If you don’t have an oil cleanser, you can wash twice using your usual cleanser. And remember to take your time; gently massage your skin to make sure the cleanser can work its way into your pores. I like to spend at least 60 seconds on both cleanses, as this will also give time for any skin-boosting ingredients to perform. Check out our full guide and tips on how to double-cleanse properly here.

The second skincare trick I swear by has meant that the performance of each of my products has improved, and I’ve seen a massive change in my skin without even replacing my products. It’s as easy as switching the order that I apply my creams and oils – I used to use my face oil after toning, and I’ve noticed a huge difference since I made oil my last step.

Layering your skincare in the right order is quite possibly one of the most important things you should learn. For example, if you apply a moisturizer before your serum and eye cream, because moisturizers have occlusives in (ingredients that create a barrier on your skin), the potent ingredients in your serum and eye cream wouldn’t even get a chance to penetrate your skin and work their magic. Typically, the rule is to always apply the most lightweight formulas first, finishing with the heaviest creams and oils. Check out our in-depth guide to layering products like a pro here.


Finally, the most important thing I’ve found when trying new skincare products is to do it one by one. I know it’s tempting if you’ve just bought a few new skincare products to start using them all at once, but if you do, you won’t know which are the ones improving your skin and which could potentially be breaking you out. So try to be patient, and don’t forget to double cleanse and ensure you layer your skincare in the right order. I hope you guys find this helpful, and let me know in the comments if you have any other skin concerns you’d like advice on.