These 5 (Free) Daily Habits Will Give You Better Skin

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We’re always on the lookout for different ways to improve our skin, and although we know a good skincare routine is crucial, there are so many other factors that are just as important. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make significant changes to your skin, and there are tons of basic daily habits that can literally transform your skin. And the best thing about them? They’re all completely free! Here are five daily habits that won’t cost you a dime but will provide your skin – which btw, is your body’s largest organ – with an added boost from the inside. After all, there’s only so far your skincare products can penetrate!

1. Start Your Day With a Detox Drink

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Detox teas have become super popular over the past few years, but regardless of the trending factor, they’re really good for your gut health and therefore your skin (find out why gut health is SO important for your skin here). By starting every day with a cup of warm water and a detoxifying ingredient like lemon, you’ll help cleanse your liver of toxins that might otherwise impact your skin.

You’ll also hydrate and nourish your body, especially if you use warm water as it’ll help boost your digestive system, simultaneously helping you debloat. We like lemon, apple cider vinegar, cucumber, ginger, turmeric or even cinnamon. Our fave way to wake up is to make a lemon, ginger and (organic) honey tea and set our intentions for the day ahead.

2. Give Yourself a Facial Massage

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Another completely free skincare ritual that’ll majorly up your glow game is a little facial massage. It only takes a few minutes, and with the right movements, you’ll boost circulation and remove toxins by draining them via your lymphatic system, which will also help to de-puff your face and lift the contours of your cheekbones. We like to do it every morning to a) wake up b) combat any morning puffiness and c) to sculpt and tighten our facial muscles.

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Sweep your fingers across your face in the direction of the diagram above and you’ll help to move blood through congested areas, stimulate blood flow, and provide your facial muscles with more oxygen for recovery. If you want to take your massage game to the next level, you can use a Gua Sha tool to help target different pressure points. Gua Sha is undoubtedly one of the most effective lifting and contouring techniques that you can do at home. Check out more about lymphatic drainage and more facial massage techniques here.

Orgasming is also ahhhmazing for your skin and a great daily ritual to get in the habit of! Find out why orgasms are so great for your skin here.

3. Exercise Daily

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By exercising regularly you’ll not only look and feel healthier, but your skin will benefit too! Exercise boosts blood flow, which increases skin cell renewal and can speed up your body’s process of removing any skin-aggravating toxins. It’s also a natural mood enhancer and stress buster as it releases endorphins (happy hormones) in the brain. Exercising for thirty minutes a day will make a real difference to your mind, body, and of course, your skin. Remember, stress increases levels of cortisol in your body, and this hormone triggers an increase in oil, thereby increasing the chances of skin congestion that can lead to pimples. Check out these six at-home workouts you can do anytime you like.

4. Meditate with Your Skin in Mind

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If you had told us five years ago that meditation could seriously soothe our skin, we might not have believed you. However, with a little better understanding, the science of meditation speaks for itself, and it can really help your skin as it’s such a powerful way to de-stress. By meditating for just five minutes a day (it focuses heavily on controlling your breathing), you’ll calm your mental state, while delivering oxygen to the skin, which is fundamental in promoting cellular health. Higher levels of oxygen will rejuvenate your skin, help balance your body, and boost cell and tissue repair. Try meditating for just 10 minutes a day using a wellness app, which will help clear your mind and improve focus while also promoting healthier skin. For all our fave meditation apps, check out this post.

5. Sleep to Restore Your Skin

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While you’re busy sleeping your skin’s metabolism is working overtime, reproducing skin cells so it can repair and replenish more efficiently. So, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your skin is not getting this crucial time to replenish and restore – that’s why they call it beauty sleep. Ideally, you should be clocking in eight hours a night to wake up feeling well-rested. If you struggle with sleep, try implementing these seven healthy sleep practices a sleep expert swears by. We’ve tried them all and they really do work!

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