This Is The Most Addictive (And Boujee) Fragrance Note



While most people have a definitive answer when asked about their favorite fragrance, few people know which specific note is their ride-or-die. If you crave rich, intoxicating scents, then you’ll fall in love with saffron. While it’s often associated with Middle Eastern cuisine, it’s actually an ancient perfume ingredient favored for its spicy and sensual scent. Here’s everything you need to know about this luxurious spice, plus our fave saffron fragrances.

Where Saffron Comes From And Why It’s SO Luxurious!

Saffron is a spice obtained from the female parts of the saffron crocus plamts, which are collected by picking the flowers and removing the stigmas. The stigmas are then dried down and matured, eventually turning a deep vivid red color. The entire process is done completely by hand! In fact, to produce 1kg of dried spice, 150,000 flowers are needed, how insane?! Hence, why saffron is known as ‘red gold’ in the fragrance industry, as it’s one of the most expensive ingredients in the world.


How Saffron Fragrance Is Used All Over The World

Saffron first became popular in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, when it was worn as a ‘single note’ perfume, before being incorporated into more complex blends. The Romans would sprinkle it over the floor to scent the air for special occasions, whereas Egyptians would rub it all over their body. It’s even believed to possess aphrodisiac properties and would be applied to a woman’s feet in tantric rituals. Saffron is also deeply embedded in Indian culture and religion, and the monks and sages of Hinduism wear saffron-colored clothes as a symbol of abstinence from all material things, thoughts, and pleasures.

Saffron in 2021

Fast forward to 2021 and saffron is still a popular fragrance note. If you’re wondering, ‘Ok but what does it smell like?!’ Alone, it has a rich, spicy aromatic feel to it. Once, it’s combined with other perfumes, it’ll add a bitter yet sweet note, which many liken to earthy honey. Others say it has a leathery aspect to it, which is why it complements other rich ingredients so well.

Check out some of our fave fragrances that have notes of saffron:

Byredo Black Saffron Eu de Parfum, $144

1-Byredo-Black-Saffron-Eu-de-ParfumSource: Byredo

Notes: Juniper berries, pomelo, saffron, black violet, cristal rose, blonde woods, raspberry, vetiver

Why we love it: Inspired by the idea of unity and inclusion, this scent is rich, warm, and SO moreish. It has an intensity to the fragrance and will take you along a journey of berry notes and spicy waves.

KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25, $138

5-Kayali-Sweet-Diamond-Pink-PepperSource: KAYALI

Notes: Pink pepper, bergamot, royal lily, saffron, Bulgarian rose, rose centifolia, magnolia, vanilla orchid, musk, and golden amber

Why we love it: Our new KAYALI fragrance will make you feel uplifted, flirty, and confident. It has a bright and crisp floral element, which is paired with an energizing and exotic blend of pink pepper spices, saffron, and amber. It’s sweet, seductive, spicy and rich!

Carolina Herrara Saffron Lazuli Eau de Parfum, $281

Source: Carolina Herrara

Notes: Saffron, leather, iris (orris), vanilla, tonka bean, black currant, rose

Why we love it: While this unisex fragrance is an investment, a little goes a long way and it remains fragrant for hours after application. The spicy blend of exotic woods, creamy notes like vanilla, and berry notes are timeless, sophisticated, and rich. This would be perfect for date night.

L’Occtaine Rose Saffron Eau de Parfum, $120

Source: L’Occtaine

Notes: Bergamot, rose, saffron, myrrh

Why we love it: If we were going for brunch with the girls, this is the fragrance we’d reach for! Inspired by saffron, this scent mingles with rose and myrrh for a lighter, more floral fragrance than others on this list. With that said, it still has a spicy edge making it the perfect introduction to saffron.

Byredo Lil Fleur Saffron Limited Edition Eau de Parfum, $270

4-Byredo-Lil-Fleur-Saffron-Limited-Edition-Eau-de-ParfumSource: Byredo

Notes: Cassis, tangerine, saffron, Damascena rose, leather, blonde woods, amber, vanilla

Why we love it: This fragrance is sparkling, crisp, and sweet, yet complex, spicy, and warm. It’s such a delicate saffron blend, which is unlike anything we’ve tried before.

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