TikTok Proves Why Lash Curlers Make THE Best Eye Makeup Stencils!


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A cut-crease? On a Monday morning? As if! Everyone experimenting with this gorg eyeshadow technique knows it takes 488,572 hours to perfect. But obviously, TikTok thought of a way out. Introducing eyelash curlers, AKA the beauty tool parading around as an eyeshadow stencil! It sounds strange, but these lash-lifters are about to change your eye-makeup game forever – no joke.

@lenkalul the easiest way! ad using lunar beauty nude prism palette & eyeko black magic cocoa edition eyeliner from my @boxycharm #boxycharm #boxycharmpartner #makeup ♬ original sound – _

The hack: Look at the curves on your curlers for a second. Thanks to the magic of geometry, they can be used as one-step stencils to cut your crease, perfect your wing, AND arch your brow in seconds. How’s that for a multitasker?

The hype: TikToker @Lenkalul says it’s the “easiest way” to slay your cut crease, and we agree. Besides that, it saves mega time without sacrificing precision, which explains why her tutorial has over 20 million views (and counting).

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How to get the look: We weren’t kidding when we said it deserves “makeup staple” status! Here’s why:

1. For a cut crease: Start by dusting your entire lid with an eyeshadow of your choice to serve as your base (Lena chose a neutral shade). Then dip a large fluffy brush in a contrasting shade. Place your eyelash curlers a few millimeters above the crease of the eyelid, then use the outer rim of the curler as your stencil to create a cut crease effect.

2. For a wing: Use the handle as a guide to help create a clean, feline wing. Simply extend the handle along your lower lash line to the brow’s tail end. Then use this metal as a stencil.

3. For brows: Use the curved side of the lash curler as a brow arch stencil for the perfect arched look.

@hayleybuix This hack is so easy & smart!! Ib @lenkalul #makeuphacks #makeup #makeuptips ♬ original sound – _

What we liked: It’s a total game-changer as far as eyeshadow hacks go because it legit cuts your eye makeup time in half! It’s especially useful on blend-and-dash days when you need to glam it up, but you’ve spent too much time picking your outfit for the night.

@vanessa_gyimah Love this eyelash curler hack by @lenkalul It works! #makeuphacks #eyelashcurlerhack ♬ original sound – Vanessa Gyimah

What we didn’t like: This hack heavily relies on the shape of your eyelash curler. For example, it’s harder with lash curlers like the e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Pro Eyelash Curler, $12, which has a cushioned handle and minimizes the space for drawing your wing. But it’s crazy easy if you have an all-steel version, like Tweezerman’s ProCurl Eyelash Curler, $24, which simultaneously offers more grip, precision, AND stencil space for your eyeshadow looks.

The bottom line: It’s a yes from us. Who would’ve thought that something as simple as an eyelash curler could take our eye makeup game from wow to WOW.

BTW here’s how to recreate TikTok’s hottest eye makeup trends, AKA sleepy, siren, and doe!

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