Why There’s No SPF In Our GloWish MultiDew Skin Tint!


Huda Beauty Glowish skin tint

Hey my loves! You have all made me so happy with all the comments I’ve been reading (I read them all!) since we revealed our new skincare-meets-makeup collection, GloWish, just a few days ago. Thank you, your support and kind words mean the world to me! I also spotted loads of questions asking if MultiDew contained SPF, so I wanted to share some more about the process of creating this product and explain to you why we decided not to add SPF into our amazing new MultiDew Skin Tint!

I know it’s popular that many skincare-makeup products contain SPF, and I get the allure of the idea, but there were a few very important reasons we didn’t do this and why none of our complexion products do contain SPF. Firstly, adding SPF to makeup tends to make products ‘slippery,’ thereby decreasing the wear-time – you guys know we are all about makeup that looks fresh and stays in place ALL DAY! I didn’t want to compromise the incredible 12-hour wear, transfer-proof, sweat-proof, and waterproof qualities of our high-performing skin tint. The lack of wear for most light-coverage formulas is exactly why I never wore them before, so it was essential to me that this was different.

Another reason is that MultiDew is made up of 92.6% naturally derived ingredients, and natural mineral SPFs like Zinc and Titanium Dioxide can make formulas thicker – making them more difficult to apply and adjusting the finish, even leaving a white cast on deeper skin tones.

Finally, in all my years of working in the beauty industry, I have come to really understand and respect the importance of wearing sunscreen. However, one thing every derm has ever told me is that using a BB cream, skin tint, or any makeup formula that has sunscreen in as your only form of sun protection is a terrible idea! Every derm ever will tell you to apply a separate sunscreen before any makeup, no matter what factor SPF it has. Actually, in our blog we published just last week rounding up some amazing new sunscreens, the Founder of skincare brand, AbsoluteJOI, Dr. Anne Beal, told us, When using cosmetics with SPF, DO NOT use these instead of sunscreen. They should be considered a boost to your basic sun protection game.” 

Huda Beauty Glowish MultiDew skin tint*The skin & body in this image has NOT been retouched or edited

This is because you do not use the same amount of makeup that you would as a sunscreen. Remember, you need to apply two fingers for your face (three for your face and neck) to get the full amount of protection that your sunscreen advertises. Imagine applying two fingers’ worth of makeup to your skin – that is not the natural look we’re trying to achieve! For example, we recommend using one pump of MultiDew Skin Tint, but if we added an SPF 30 to it, you would need to use at least four or five pumps to achieve factor 30 protection!

Ultimately, not only would adding SPF to MultiDew affect the wear and finish of the formula, but I also think that it misleads people to believe that it can be used as a substitute for proper sunscreen. Please know that any SPF-containing foundation or BB cream you wear should always be an addition to a proper sunscreen. Unless you are using two fingers’ worth of makeup product, you will not get the protection it claims. And the same goes for sunscreen; if you only apply a pea-sized amount and you’re using an SPF 50, the actual protection you get will be half of that (or less!).


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Finally, one important fact to know about sunscreen: you need both UVA and UVB blockers, not just SPF 30/50, which only protects against UVB. UVA is what causes aging and skin cancer, and to get protection against UVA rays, you need to look for UVA 5 stars or PA +++. The easy way to remember it is UVB for burning (what SPF protects against) and UVA for aging. It’s the UVA rays that penetrate deep into your skin and destroy collagen, but because they don’t cause surface burning (like UVB rays), people don’t realize that their skin is being damaged.

Please also remember to top up every two to three hours, especially if you’re outside or at the beach or pool – I love to use this SPF 50 Mist by Filorga to top up. You can also use sunscreen powders to top up, which are great for mattifying shine throughout the day. Check out our fave sunscreens that you can apply on top of your makeup here.

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