14 Quarantine Trends That Make Isolation So Much Better


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Living life in quarantine is something no-one could have predicted, but with most of the world heading into their third month of isolation, it’s become the new normal. And with the monumental lifestyle change came some seriously unpredictable trends, from the world’s obsession with banana bread to the TikTok takeover. Here are 14 trends you can thank quarantine for bringing to the limelight in 2020, and we promise if you try them, they’ll brighten up your day.

1. The Supermodel Essential: Claw Clips

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The claw clip has become THE quarantine hair accessory among it girls and fashion bloggers. Populated by supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid; it’s the ultimate off-duty fashion accessory to tame unruly hair.

2. The Ultimate Quarantine Activity: DIY Tie-Dye 

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Granted, not many of us thought we’d ever see this return, but tie-dye was featured heavily on the runway this season and swiftly became the DIY quarantine activity of choice. Even the fashion elite have experimented with the trend: Victoria Beckham snapped her tie-dye T-shirts with daughter Harper and son Romeo.

3. The Trend To Takeover: TikTok Dances

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TikTok dance challenges have shot to fame in the last three months, in turn, hyping whatever soundtrack they’re accompanied by. The Megan Thee Stallion Savage dance challenge became so popular, it’s been crowned the quarantine anthem, and he official music video even featured an animation of the dancer who created the challenge. Beyoncé was just as obsessed with the song, and even just launched a Savage remix… Of course, another dance routine ensued.

Let’s not forget the super fun #fliptheswitchchallenge! We could watch the varying twists on this challenge all day long, but this has to be one of our faves:

@hudabeautywatch till the end 🤣🤣🤣 ##fliptheswitch ##flipchallenge ##hudabeauty ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp @nourgisellegoncalo♬ Nonstop – Drake

4. For Zoom-Ready Hair: Pull-Through Braids

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The ‘pull-through’ braid is everyone’s favorite hairstyle right now: searches on Pinterest have increased by 155%, which is insane! And we understand why, it’s easy to achieve at home, plus it looks super cute on Zoom calls.

5. For A Spring Vibe: Rose Gold Locks

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Living life (bored in the house) in isolation has given many people the curiosity and confidence to experiment with crazy hair colors. Celebs like Dua Lipa led the way when she added a pink tint to her famous bleached locks. Ever since, dusty pink has become THE spring hair color to experiment with, so much so that the Kristen Ess Gold Pink Temporary Tint, $12, is constantly selling out.

6. For The Nail Obsessed: Press On Nails

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With nail salons closed for the foreseeable future, the world has turned to DIY manicures. And if you’re ordinarily an extensions lover, there are tons of press on nail alternatives. Even Ariana Grande has experimented with the trend!

If you prefer the au-natural vibe but love nail art, there are also some really cute nail stickers on offer. Our go-to brand, ManiMe, even customizes the size of the stickers to ensure a perfect fit.

7. The Quarantine Brow Trend: Plume Brows 

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Feathered brows have been trending for the past year, however, due to quarantine salon restrictions, there’s a new brow trend on the scene: plume brows. Basically, the most low maintenance brow trend ever. Zara Findlay Bobbi Brown’s pro artist told Glamour UK that “Plume brows are low-maintenance, gloriously grown-out brows, and they suit everyone.”

8. The Internet’s Fave Coffee: Dalgona Coffee

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One picture of a Dalgona coffee is enough to make your mouth water, and fortunately, it’s seriously easy to make! The internet’s fave coffee only requires instant coffee granules, water, and sugar. Somehow if you whip two tablespoons of each ingredient together it forms a thick whipped cream mixture, which you can then add to hot or cold milk. It’ll satisfy your Starbucks cravings in seconds!

9. The Ultimate Act of Self-Expression: Buzz Cuts

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Buzz cuts are possibly the most unexpected quarantine hair trend. However, psychologists have suggested the trend has been birthed not only out of boredom but the liberation of social isolation. Now, we no longer have to abide by traditional beauty standards and therefore, people are using this time as a period of experimentation and self-expression.

10. Quarantine Exercise: At-Home Workouts

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Since gyms are closed, home-workouts have seen a major resurgence (check out our faves here). And thanks to their ever-increasing popularity, there’s literally something for everyone (and many of them are free), whether its a virtual dance class, a boxing sweat session or a calming yoga tutorial. If you can, try to make time in your schedule for some daily exercise that’ll boost your mood.

11. The Social Media Sensation: The Pillow Challenge

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This may be the most ridiculous social media trend that quarantine has birthed but it brought a smile to our face, so we’re here for it!

12. For the Makeup-Obsessed: Boredom Beat

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If at some point over the last few months you’ve done a flawless full beat simply to sit in your living room, then you’ve joined in on the boredom beat trend; as coined by Demi Levato.

13. The Quarantine Essential: Baking 

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After the initial outbreak of COVID-19, the world universally decided to become bakers. Our special of the season? Sourdough and banana bread. While this may seem totally random, psychologists beg to differ. The process of baking is very soothing and is often recommended as a calming, mindful activity. Not only are you using your hands but you’re utilizing the five senses, engaging in an activity that distracts your mind from worry. It also adds structure (especially bread-making) into an otherwise fluid time period. Plus, the smell of cooking can evoke comforting childhood memories, bringing you back to a time when you were being cared for.

14. For Self Care: Sexual Wellness 

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The practice of self-care has been deeply explored during quarantine as the need to nurture our mental health has become more important than ever. Plus, we have the time to occupy!

Many women are utilizing this time to practice self-care via their personal pleasure and are purchasing tools to assist them. According to research by Womanizer, sales of female-used sex toys have increased in Italy by 71%, and 135% in Canada during lockdown. Doctors are in full support of this method of self-care due to its glowing-giving and mental health benefits.

Have you tried any of these trends? Let us know in the comments below.