Silk Balm Is The Sexiest Lip Balm I’ve Ever Used


Silk Balm

Hey my loves! I am so happy that this product is finally here for you guys to try I’ve been obsessed with it for over a year! You guys know I love that full lip look, which is why I’m always contouring my lips! Well, we created the sexiest, do-it-all lip balm, our Huda Beauty Silk Balm, that not only hydrates your pout, but also leaves it with a lasting high-gloss shine that gives you instantly fuller-looking, luscious lips! The formula feels so comfortable on and is combined with powerful actives that boost hydration while a subtle blushed-pink shade looks gorgeous on everyone.

huda beauty lip balm

How Silk Balm Works

We infused Silk Balm with a blend of Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, Soybean, and Licorice Extract that work by migrating into fine lines where they swell and give a plumping effect. This action provides maximum hydration for lips that feel plumped and smooth in appearance without any tingling sensation – no pain, BIG GAIN!

Huda Beauty Silk Balm

I love that you can apply a little Silk Balm and have a very subtle lip look with max hydration or you can layer it up for maximum shine and a super high gloss finish.

My Hack For Smooth, Full Lips:

Huda Beauty Silk Balm

First exfoliate your lips with a small amount of WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, then apply Silk Balm for maximum instant and long-term hydration.

I also love to use this on top of lipstick as a top coat for instant shine and intense hydration. It layers beautifully on top of lipsticks and our Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes, and I sometimes use it to prep my lips before adding lipstick to ensure they’re full and hydrated. I’m so obsessed, I basically use it all day every day!

Our Huda Beauty Silk Balm, $21 USD (€ 20.95, GBP 18, AED 90) is available to shop on now, and with our other global retailers.