Your Ultimate #FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide


#FauxFilter Foundation Stick Shade comparison guide

Hi my loves, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find your perfect #FauxFilter Skin Finish Foundation Stick shade, so we’ve created this ultimate guide.

For our new #FauxFilter Foundation Stick, we extended our original 30 #FauxFilter shades to 39! As well as adding 9 gorgeous new shades to our new Foundation Stick collection, we also made changes to some of our original shades to make sure that the full collection would have a perfect match for everyone! This means that whatever your shade was in our #FauxFilter liquid foundation, it could be different in the new #FauxFilter stick foundation – don’t panic, we have a guide to explain all of it!

#Fauxfilter Skin Finish Foundation Stick

Over the last two years, we’ve learned so much and we’ve been able to dive even deeper into complexion. Our #FauxFilter Skin Finish Foundation Stick has new and improved undertones in 39 beautiful shades, which include 9 new shades and re-worked shade families to extend the original 5 families to 8, making it even easier to find your perfect match.

In this all-encompassing #FauxFilter Shade Matching Guide you can explore:

  1. All the descriptions of our new #FauxFilter Foundation Stick shades
  2. A guide to finding your new #FauxFilter Skin Finish Foundation Stick shade based on your original #FauxFilter Foundation shade
  3. A #FauxFilter Foundation Stick brand shade comparison guide (comparing #FauxFilter Stick shades to Fenty Pro Filtr’ Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation)
  4. Our original #FauxFilter Liquid Foundation brand shade comparison guide

Before we dig into the shades, here’s a little explanation of undertones to help you choose your shade.

foundation undertones explained

Find out more about how to figure out your undertone here.

1. Meet the #FauxFilter Skin Finish Buildable Coverage Foundation Stick Shades

#Fauxfilter Foundation Stick shade descriptions

You can also check out our online Shade Finder to help you find your perfect #FauxFilterSkin Finish Foundation Shade based on your skin tone. 

2. #FauxFilter Liquid Foundation Vs #FauxFilter Skin Finish Foundation Stick Shades

One important thing to note when comparing #FauxFilter Liquid Foundation and the #FauxFilter Stick Foundation is that the liquid can take a little time to develop to its ‘true shade.’ As the stick is anhydrous (it contains no water), the swatched shade is the true shade, therefore it will not change. This means it’s important to give time for the #FauxFilter Liquid Foundation to develop before truly comparing the shades. Also note that #FauxFilter Liquid Foundation has a powdery, matte finish, that will appear slightly lighter than the anhydrous #FauxFilter Stick Foundation, which has a bright, luminous finish.

3. Your #FauxFilter Foundation Stick Brand Shade Comparison Guide

We worked with the shade matching gurus at to help compare our new #FauxFilter Foundation Stick with the foundations from other brands that you’re always asking about. Match My Makeup scientifically assess thousands of products using award-winning technology to accurately shade match. Below you will see their comparison, along with notes on any shade differences, for example, if it says ‘is more yellow’ this means the foundation from the other brand is more yellow than the #FauxFilter Stick shade. Be aware that these are the closest matches, and they are not necessarily exact.

We hope you find this guide helpful and to match different brands not listed here, go to who will compare hundreds of other foundations to help you find your #FauxFilter Foundation Stick shade.

4. The Original #Fauxfilter Foundation Shade Comparison Guide

#FauxFilter Brand comparison guide

We had hundreds of requests for a shade comparison guide with your favorite brands, so we’ve put together an easy shade reference guide to help. A lot of you will only be able to shop our foundation online, so we hope this comparison table will help you to find your perfect shade. You can also check out our 5 tips for figuring out your undertone and finding your ultimate foundation match here.

We’ve chosen six brands that everyone was asking us to give matches for, so if you know your shade in that brand you can see which one should match our foundation. Because foundations are so unique, we weren’t able to find a match for every shade from each brand, so below are what we found to be close matches or shades that are almost the same – if there’s no direct match we’ve included the difference between the similar foundation shades in brackets. If your shade isn’t in the guide, have a look for the ones which are close to it, and using our undertones guide to help you, you’ll be able to decide the right flavor for you.

Please remember these are the shades we found to be close, but they may appear different when applied to your skin, so we always recommend that you try the product in-store. Our final tip if you’re debating between two shades online, is that if you opt for the fairer version of the two, it can always be warmed up with bronzer.

You can also check out, which allows you to enter any shade of foundation to find your match.

Please note: The below guide compares other brand foundations to our original #FauxFilter Liquid Foundation only, and so these comparisons do not apply to our new Foundation Stick.

#FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide fair#FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide Light#FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide Medium faux filter comparison chart medium#FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide Rich

This is a guide to the shades we deemed to be a good match for our #FauxFilter foundation. If you choose a shade based on the recommendation of this guide and it isn’t a match for you, Huda Beauty cannot be held responsible for your purchase.