Introducing Chin Lift: The Mask I Created To Snatch My Double Chin

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How to Use the WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask

Hey my loves! You guys know how much I love to snatch my face and I have literally tried every technique over the years – from crazy contouring to facial rollers and massage techniques. I’ve finally created the ultimate quick-fix solution for a snatched jawline in minutes: Our new WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask, which is honestly a complete game-changer and my go-to before a big event – or when quarantine snacking have got the better of my chin!

Honestly, I’ve always been a little self-conscious of my jawline and double chin, and this mask contains some really amazing ingredients to instantly tighten the jawline while the unique fabric comfortably pulls everything into place. I love how good this makes me feel!

The WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask

How to Use the WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask

The cooling hydrogel formula is packed with powerful ingredients that boost moisture and leave your skin looking healthy and revived. My team and I spent months perfecting the combination of firming orchid extract, brightening niacinamide, potent peptides, and adenosine that work together to sculpt, hydrate, and tighten the jawline giving you a more defined profile.

The real magic is the unique lifting tape made of a woven cotton material that’s traditionally used for athletic tape – it mimics the elasticity of your skin ensuring a strong yet comfortable hold. As you tuck the thin straps behind your ear, the mask lifts and sculpts, literally helping to physically redefine the jawline. I do one of these before every event, photoshoot or date night, and it just makes me feel so sexy and confident. It’s also really hydrating and because it helps to tighten the skin, it also helps smooth the appearance of pores.

Key Ingredients:

Peppermint: A natural calming and cooling ingredient that immediately provides a fresh, tightening sensation while also helping to soothe redness and energize your skin.

Orchid Extract: This natural ingredient supports skin firmness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and acts as an antioxidant that moisturizes, soothes, and conditions skin.

Niacinamide: Also known as vitamin B3, this brightening vitamin helps to tighten the skin while working with the natural substances in your skin to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: A synthetic anti-wrinkle peptide that supports the appearance of lifted, more youthful skin by helping to attract hydration deep into the skin.

Adenosine: This soothing and restoring ingredient helps to re-energize and reinvigorate the skin’s surface while protecting the skin.

The Inspiration:

WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask Review

You guys know how much I love and believe in Korean skincare, and when I was in South Korea last year I was so amazed to see so many cool and crazy face masks – people literally walk around the mall in them. I was obsessed with the idea but the masks I found just lacked effective, quality ingredients. So, I decided to work with our lab there to create the ultimate mask that would do everything in one; hydrate, lift, and sculpt the jawline in just 20 minutes.

How to Use the Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask

How to Use the WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask

  1. Begin with clean, dry skin.
  2. Remove the plastic film from the mask.
  3. Pre-stretch the mask lengthwise by gently tugging the fabric at each end. This will make the mask more comfortable for you to wear.
  4. Starting at the chin and pulling upward, secure the mask around each ear and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. I like to lightly massage the mask in upward sweeping movements to make sure it’s on securely and to help boost blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

I can’t wait for you guys to try this mask and see the incredible lifting effect it has! The WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask ($9 USD, GBP 8. EUR 9, AED 39), is available to buy on now, and be sure to tag @wishfulskin on Instagram and use #RealSelfieSunday.