Holiday Shopping? These Amazing Small Beauty Brands Deserve Your Coins


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We love shouting out up-and-coming beauty brands! Honestly, it feels like only yesterday that we were a small startup with a big dream hoping to disrupt the beauty industry. So, amidst a global pandemic when so many small brands suffered from shipping disruptions and shop closures, it feels even more important than ever to support small brands. So ahead of the festive season, when we typically splurge on others (as well as ourselves), we wanted to shout out 10 small beauty brands that deserve your hard-earned coins now and forever.

1. Undefined Beauty

Why we love Undefined Beauty: Dorian Morris Founded Undefined Beauty so she could write her own narrative that represented the world around her. Her products are non-irritating and non-toxic, and her business model, from her supply chain to her labs, supports either female-founded, minority-owned, or LGBTQ communities – what she refers to as conscious capitalism. Could we be any more in love?

Top product pick: We are low-key obsessed with the Glow Elixir, $18 to $48, which is infused with CBD and made with rosehip oil, Kalahari melon oil, plum oil, meadowfoam oil, and so many more glow-getting ingredients. LOVE. TBH, we’ve tried many of her products, and they’re all genuinely brilliant!

2. Alaffia

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Why we love Alaffia: Alaffia, meaning ‘a state of peace, health, and wellbeing,’ is a trailblazing beauty brand that actively gives back to African communities with every single purchase. Their incredible lineup of nourishing hair, body, and skincare items is also bursting with ingredients ethically sourced from Africa, including shea butter, African black soap, and coconut oil. 

Top product pick: We use the award-winning Alaffia Leave-In Conditioner, $13, weekly to keep our hair hydrated, our curls defined, and our split ends at bay.

3. Kjaer Weis

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Why we love Kjaer Weis: Founded by Danish-born MUA Kirsten Kjaer Weis, Kjaer Weis beautifully executes the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, creating makeup that’s described as clean and sustainable, and luxurious AF. Backed by many celeb MUAs, these sustainable formulas will not let you down.

Top product pick: The Kjaer Weis Cream Blush, $56, not only moonlights as a lip tint, but the recyclable metal packaging can be replaced with single pans. It’s also available in 11 shades, from a tangy coral hue to a subtle pink, so there’s something for everyone.

4. 54 Thrones

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Why we love 54 Thrones: Inspired by childhood memories of her aunt’s beauty rituals, founder Christina Funke Tegbe created 54 Thrones. It’s a clean beauty brand that harnesses the rich ingredients of Africa, homegrown and packed with skin-loving goodness, like Ghanaian baobab and Moroccan argan oils. 

Top product pick: The 54 Thrones African Body Butter, $24, is honestly one of the best body products we’ve ever used. Period.


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Why we love FORVR Mood: Created by YouTube QUEEN Jackie Aina, FORVR Mood aims to create a self-care space for Black women, offering a little slice of well-deserved luxury. The beautiful line currently holds a range of calming candles that smell so good you may want to eat them, and silk accessories to show your hair some love. 

Top product pick: We love the candle, Caked Up, $38, which is infused with notes of vanilla, coconut, and jasmine, and fills the entire room with the most calming and yet delicious aroma. #Obsessed

6. Omayma Skin

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Why we love Omayma Skin: We recently discovered Omayma Skin, and we’ve been using their hero product religiously ever since. Founded by celebrity MUA, Omayma Ramzy, the brand story and ingredients are steeped in Omayma’s rich Egyptian heritage. 

Top product pick: Their first product, The Bedouin Elixir Facial Oil, $112, is a rich blend of 15 phyto-potent botanical oils that work overtime to restore your skin to its healthiest, glowiest state possible. We literally use it every night!


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Why we love KETISH: KETISH is possibly the coolest beauty brand to launch in 2021. Founded by fellow Huda Beauty employee, Emaan Abass, her mission isn’t just to bring you bomb products to enhance your feminine wellness, she’s also building a community of empowered women. Her mission is to break down sexual shame and stigma and help women embrace their body. Now that’s a brand we can get behind.

Top product pick: The KETISH The Quickie Wipe, $7, quickly became a staple in our life. The multipurpose wipe helps you pamper your intimate area, so you’re ready for whatever life throws at you.

8. Bread Beauty Supply

Why we love Bread Beauty Supply: Former L’Oréal brand manager, Maeva Heim, created Bread Beauty Supply to fill a gap in the market; she wanted a haircare brand that not only hydrated and protected but celebrated her curls. Offering everyday hair essentials – like the bread and butter for your locks – the haircare line takes a simplified approach to wash day so you can spend more time on everything else. Oh, and we have to say we’re low-key in love with the packaging and brand visuals.

Top product pick: We’re currently obsessed with their rich, restorative Hair Oil Everyday Gloss, $24, which boasts Australian Kakadu plum oil, a potent Australian super-fruit that contains the highest concentration of vitamin C.

9. Ami Colé

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Why we love Ami Cole: Created by Glossier alumni, Diarrha N’Diaye, Ami Colé may be new to the scene, but it’s already making headlines and snagging plenty of awards for their clean formulas made for women of color. This chic and modern range consists of all the necessities that melanated queens require to perfect no-makeup makeup glam.

Top product pick: The Skin Enhancing Tint, $32, enhances your natural complexion instead of covering it up. Its satiny texture blends like a dream, leaving a soft focus finish while adding healthy and luminous dewiness.

10. Dizziak

Why we love Dizziak: This hair care brand is the brainchild of Loretta De Feo, a beauty editor and entrepreneur. De Feo continuously struggled to find rich, deep conditioners to nourish her hair. Dizziak fills that void, and the curly hair community will be forever thankful. Not only are the formulas exceptional, the packaging is straight fire.

Top product pick: The vegan Dizziak Deep Conditioner, $28, is infused with quinoa protein, babassu, coconut, and argan oil – you’ll struggle to find a conditioner richer than this.

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