15 Black TikTok Creators To Follow For MAJOR Beauty Goals


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Have you ever spent hours scrolling on TikTok and wondered, “how does TikTok constantly dish out content it knows I’ll love?” Well, it has everything to do with TikTok’s algorithm that serves you content it thinks you’ll like based on previous content you’ve watched and double-tapped. While this may seem helpful, it also creates a type of content bubble – you’ll only see content from other people similar to the people you’re following or the videos you’re engaging with. Ultimately, this algorithm can lead to a lack of diversity on your feed and is one that has been shown to disadvantage the Black community.

In June 2020, TikTok was forced to face the issue and released a statement to address the flawed algorithm and, in their words, “the technical glitch [that] made it temporarily appear as if posts uploaded using #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd would receive 0 views.” They apologized and pledged to do more for the Black community, writing, “We also fully acknowledge our responsibility to not simply wish for and talk about the importance of diversity on our platform, but to actively promote and protect it.”

To add context to the issue, an unmissed post may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a huge difference when you consider that increased exposure means more followers, more deals, and in turn, more money. In fact, in June 2021, Black creators staged a social media strike by refusing to make new dances for popular songs since credit – and the ensuing exposure – was not given for previous viral dance routines. The hashtag BlackTikTokStrike now has over 8.6 million views.

There’s still plenty of work to be done on all social media platforms to give Black content creators the love, attention, and appreciation that’s deserved, and it all starts with increased followings. So today, we’re shouting out 15 incredible Black TikTokers that we LOVE, and we know you will too.  

1. Tammi Clarke | @makeupbytammi

@makeupbytammi I love it😍 Inspired by my love: @bexcxmpbell #ombreblush #makeup #makeuptrend #fyp ♬ For some reason ppl are using my sound – Idek

Follow for: Product recommendations, stunning beauty looks, and hilarious skits.

Tammi constantly serves up dope product recommendations, including the most bomb shade ranges for melanin-rich beauties. From drugstore finds to the latest hack, she reviews it ALL and gives her opinion.

2. Makayla Did | @makayladid

@makayladidHappy birthday to me honey 😍♬ OKAY SHAWTY – Jae Phillips

Follow for: Hilarious videos, beauty content, and general TikTok must-watch content.

You may already know Makayla from her interview with John Legend (yes, you read that right) or from the time she went to the iconic Fenty Beauty TikTok House. If this is your first time meeting Makayla, get ready for some grade A content.

3. Brinkley Garner | @its.brinkley

@its.brinkley Ik the hairstyle didn’t turn out great but it took me hours so I’m posting it anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️ inspo: @iamcardib #curly #curlyhair #valentines #valentinesday #valentinesdayhair ♬ original sound – Brinkley

Follow for: Next-level curly hair tutorials, makeup looks, and so much more.

Whether you need help leveling up your protective style game or are looking for makeup tips, Brinkley has got you covered. Her playful videos will have your creative juices flowing in seconds, or you’ll just be drooling over her lewks.

4. Dr. Howard | @dermbeautydoc

@dermbeautydoc By far this is the best piece of advice I have for you #skintok #dermatology #skincareroutine #acneroutine #dryskin ♬ Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? – Rod Stewart

Follow for: Skincare advice your skin will love you for!

If you’re looking to amp up your glow game, following dermatologist Dr. Howard is a no-brainer. She’s constantly spilling her secrets to help you achieve your healthiest skin EVER. We love the honesty and humor.

5. Bria Jones | @heybriajones

@heybriajones Reply to @bluewater1998 brow products in the comments #browroutine #easybrowturorial #browhacks #fullbrows ♬ Like a Boy – Ciara

Follow for: Life advice, daily styling, positive mindset, and tons of beauty hacks.

Bria doesn’t limit herself to one content box and creates videos across the board, and TBH, we’re grateful. She always keeps us guessing, and her content is juicy AF. Prepare to go down that rabbit hole, but this is one worth digging into!

6. Whitney Madueke | @whitneymadueke

@whitneymaduekeStep by Step makeup routine! Products listed at the end.♬ original sound – whitneymadueke

Follow for: Makeup recommendations, tutorials, outFITS, and general wellness advice.

We could scroll through Whitney’s content for hours. Every look she wears, she dominates. However, she doesn’t just cover beauty; she delves into the wellness space and shares her personal experiences with therapy and the importance of expressing gratitude. Big love!

7. Rafiqah Akhdar | @rafiqahakhdar

@rafiqahakhdar Need to start doing looks like this again ☹️ #fyp #foryou #makeuplooks ♬ original sound – Wisdom Kaye

Follow for: Euphoria-worthy makeup looks.

Rafi is coming through with the most jaw-dropping makeup looks that would have Euphoria queens drooling. But that’s not all; she also dishes out gift guides, fashion hauls, and fragrance advice.

8. Dr. Alexis Stephens | @dralexisstephens

@dralexisstephens Small habits can lead to major skin improvements #dermatologist #skindoctor #healthyhabits #skincaretips ♬ original sound – Dr Alexis

Follow for: Expert skincare tips, soothing acne solutions, and pro product reviews.

We’ll be the first ones to tell you that there’s so much damaging skincare advice circulating on TikTok, but DW, you can trust dermatologist Dr. Alexis. She’s a licensed professional creating bite-sized info that will make even skin pros learn new tricks.

9. Damilola Pattrik Ade | @senorfenty

@senorfenty Boys can wear makeup too!!! ❤️ #fyp #makeupformen #malegrooming ♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis

Follow for: Makeup tutorials, funny skits, and feel-good energy.

Erm, we couldn’t be more obsessed with Damilola if we tried. One minute he’s demonstrating how to do the most flawless beat, next he has us laughing over his hilarious skits.

10. Wiam @wiamxa

@wiamxa The way this hair mask fixes all my hair problems! #naturalhair #fyp ♬ Sativa – Jhené Aiko

Follow for: Braid inspo, natural hair hacks, and so many fire DIYs.

If you need inspo and info on caring for your curls, you need to follow Wiam. Her page is a treasure trove of tried-and-tested DIYs and protective hair tutorials.

11. Shavonté Dill | @shavonte_dill

@shavonte_dill this top is giving me life sorry #fyp #makeup ♬ original sound – 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Follow for: Insane makeup looks, 4b hair tips, and all the vibes.

Shavonté is literally slaying the game with her makeup lewks, constantly trying out new fierce trends, from bleached brows to green locks. One thing you’ll learn pretty quickly scrolling through her feed? She’s not afraid of experimenting with color, which is why she’s officially our new girl crush.

12. Keeks | @kieanaaaa

@kieanaaaa Especially when it comes to my lashes, I’ll always find a way🥰 #lashes #braids #fyp ♬ Candles – Joshua Long

Follow for: In her own words, “A stali, nails, jokes, vlogs, food and makeup.” We’re sold.

When it comes to TikTok content creation, Keeks covers ALL the bases, from hilarious videos and makeup reviews to food and daily vlogs.

13. Jazmine Rogers | @thatcurlytopp

@thatcurlytopphope u enjoy 🥰♬ sonido original – FediFedi

Follow for: Sustainable fashion advice and makeup reccos, daily fits, and curly hair cuteness.

Okay, so we admit That Curly Top, also known as Jazmine Rogers, is more of a fashion influencer than a beauty blogger but she’s a TikTok creator with an important mission. Jazmine wants to teach her followers about the importance of sustainability and show them how to be more sustainable in their daily life, and that’s something that deserves a shoutout.

14. Dèja Zhane | @deja.zhane

@deja.zhane Damn I look like 🍂 autum! #fallaesthetic ♬ original sound – CERTIFIED LEOO

Follow for: Product reviews, makeup transformations, and straight-up sass.

Prepare to fall head over heels in love with Dèja’s content. Her TikTok is addictive! Everything from her transformation videos (check out her Riri look here) to her reviews keeps it real and are straight-up FIRE.

15. Jalaiah Harmon | @jalaiahharmon

@jalaiahharmon #ad The Renegade is here and I’m excited to team up with @levis to elevate my story. Watch as I share a few of my creative gems! #LevisOriginals ♬ original sound – Jalaiah🚀🐐💕

Follow for: Dance moves you’ll want to learn.

The actual creator of the viral Renegade dance! While many people credited Charli D’Amelio for the Renegade dance that went viral, the New York Times later revealed it was created by the incredible Jaliaiah Harmon, a (then) 14-year-old dancer from Atlanta. Her immaculate dance moves, fire hair game and cute vibes are everything you need in your life.

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