How 2019 Will End According To Your Star Sign



Like the rest of the world, we’re invested in astrology. Literally as soon as we wake up, we check our CoStar and plan our day accordingly – the stars always know what’s up. So recently, when we were doing some forward-planning, we wanted to consult our stars for a little direction. For all the full astrology scoop, we got in touch with our girl Aliza Kelly, astrologer, author, and host of podcast Stars Like Us. She gave us our star sign reading for how the rest of 2019’s going to play out…


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Though the autumn was off to a rocky start, 2019 closes out with a bang. Look forward to major career opportunities coming your way, setting the stage for what is bound to be an exciting 2020.


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You’ve been focused on fortifying your personal relationships, but by the end of the year, you’re eager to leap outside your comfort zone. Whether you’re booking travel for work or pleasure, the end of 2019 will be sure to expand your reach.


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Whether you’ve started a new job or exercise routine, by the end of the year, you’ll discover that there are emotional implications to your choices. These shifts aren’t just about calendar management – they’re generating an emotional metamorphosis.


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You’ve been questioning a lot of things in your life, but by the end of your year, you’ll discover that all of that doubt was for a reason – new romance is on the horizon! You’ve been waiting to welcome passion, and now, your patience will finally be rewarded.


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Whether you’re investing in furniture or interviewing new roommates, you’ve been reconsidering your major changes on the home-front. By the end of the year, however, you’ll finally feel stable and grounded. Likewise, this is an excellent time to set intentions and practical milestones for the year ahead!


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By the end of the year, you’ll have received some extremely important information that may radically transform your decision-making. Soon, you’ll discover an opportunity that will enable you to step into your artistic capabilities. Don’t be afraid to shine!


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Money has been on your mind, but by the end of the year, you’ll receive some pivotal information about a new financial prospect that may encourage you to reassess your reality. Remember, you’re allowed to change your mind… As well as your values.


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After your birthday, you’ll be approaching everything from a new perspective. Now, you’re not afraid of speaking your truth – even if that means purging some people along the way.


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There have been a lot of shocking surprises throughout 2019, but as the year comes to a close, you start to realize that all the unexpected twists-and-turns have led you exactly where you need to be. By the end of the year, you know that your intuition will always light your way.


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As the year comes to a close, be sure to get plenty of rest. The end of 2019 is about scheduling plenty of extra nap-time because of major shifts throughout 2020 about to transform your life forever. Press snooze while you still can!


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You don’t always trust your gut, but by the end of the year, you’ll realize that your intuition is actually the most reliable source. Though the next few weeks may generate more questions than answers, trust that everything is happening for a reason.


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You’re starting to outgrow your immediate community – but that should come as no surprise. You’ve already been experiencing rapid change and radical transformations. Don’t be afraid to tap into your extended network. A friend-of-a-friend may introduce you to an exciting new career prospect (or romantic interest!).

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