2021's Hottest Hair Trends According To 4 Celeb Hairstylists


Hair Trends 2021

While we may not be able to predict when salons will reopen, one thing’s for sure, we LOVE experimenting with cute new trends – even if it is from the comfort of our own home. And when it comes to hair trends, who better to ask than the hair gods and goddesses, AKA celebrity hairstylists? So, we got in touch with four incredible celebrity hairstylists who work with the likes of Beyonce, J-Lo, Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, and It girl Sofia Richie. They spilled the deets on all the major 2021 hair trends. Spoiler: they’re all suitable for WFH and will make caring for your tresses super easy. Can we get an amen?!

Irinel De León’s 2021 Hair Trend Predictions

When it comes to Irinel, we don’t know what we’re more obsessed with – her incredible work on celebs like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner or her stunning curls? While we decide, check out her 2021 trend predictions…

1. Curly Bangs

“We’ve been seeing a lot of this trend during the second half of 2020 and will definitely be seeing more it of this year. The bangs are actually very 70s and I think that decade is really about to make a comeback.” Ditto! She continues, “Women that wouldn’t have normally gotten bangs, actually have during the pandemic and have loved them, including me!”

2. Low Maintenance Hair


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According to Irinel, low maintenance hair is on the rise! Irinel reasons, “With offices still closed and people working from home, the low maintenance cut is definitely one that’s here to stay this year.” She adds, “Many women are looking for styles that just air dry nicely with little-to-no fuss.”

3. Long Hair

“Long hair has been quite the trend lately mainly because many women’s locks have grown way longer than it ever has because they haven’t been able to get to the salon,” Irinel says. While it may not have been planned, she believes they’re here to stay and will be accented with face-framing layers.


When we asked Irinel which trend wouldn’t be coming back this year, she predicted the fishtail braid #SorryNotSorry…

Sabrina Porsche’s 2021 Hair Trend Predictions

Sabrina Porsche’s celeb clientele includes Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, so it’s safe to assume she knows a thing or two about setting trends. As for the major 2021 hair trends, Sabrina confirms Irinel’s prediction that low maintenance trends are here to stay. Check out her top three trends…

1. Headband Wigs

“One of the biggest styles that I think will be a trend in 2021 is headband wigs!” says Sabrina. If you’ve not yet heard of what a headband wig is, Sabrina explains, “They’re half wigs that come with headbands attached to them, for those days when you’re between styles and need a quick go-to that’s cute, quick, and easy!”

And don’t worry about installing them as Sabrina insists it’s super easy. “All you do is literally put your hair in a low sleek ponytail (add baby hair/edges if you prefer) and pop the wig on! The best part of the headband wig is being able to change out the headband of your choice!”

2. Braided Ponytails

According to Sabrina, “Braided ponytails will always be in style!” and will continue to dominate 2021. Why so? Sabrina loves that they’re so versatile and can be worn for any occasion, from the red carpet to the gym.

Unsure of how to achieve a bomb braided pony? Sabrina says, “Just get a hair tie of your choice and brush your hair into position using a gel or wax product for a sleek look. Then, secure it with a hair tie and start braiding your hair. Finally, secure the end with a small rubber band, hair tie, or scrunchie!”

3. Butterfly Locs

“Butterfly locs are the new big thing in the braid world!” says Sabrina. “These locs are similar to faux locs, but the difference is, instead of using straight braiding hair to wrap around the braid, you would use curly braiding hair and wrap them in a looser form to give the loc a more textured look!”

Sabrina adds they’re also easier to install, “The best part about butterfly locs is that you don’t need as many locs in your hair as you would faux locs, which will save installing time as well as give you a clean yet worn look!” To get the look, she suggests, “Put your hair in box braids (length of your choice) and start wrapping each braid with the curly hair, remembering to leave a few wraps looser to give texture on the loc!”


The trend that we’ll leave behind? Sabrina believes, “The 90s updo made ‘re’-famous by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion in their WAP video.” She says, “This style became a social media trend toward the end of the summer and has not built much traction since. So, I think this style will, unfortunately, stay in the 90s!”

Dom Seeley’s 2021 Hair Trend Predictions

Dom is our go-to celebrity hairstylist, known for his old Hollywood waves and cute 90s styles. According to Dom, this year we’re going to see a noughties revival, natural texture, and bangs!

1. Natural Hair

If you’ve welcomed back your natural texture this past year, Dom says its time to get creative! He told us, “We’re seeing a lot of natural texture right now. I think due to lockdown 2020, people gave themselves a chance to see and appreciate their natural texture and so many people embraced it and invested in it. So for 2021, I feel we will see that come through and see people get more creative and playful with natural hair styling.”

2. Early 2000s / Noughties Style

Looking for some hair-spiration? Dom says to, “Think TLC, Paris Hilton, Aaliyah, Destinys Child, SJP, Mary Kate & Ashley, Lil Kim, etc” Okaaaay! He adds, “All these iconic women had great hair back in the early noughties and the decade is having a huge revival, from the Beverly Hills scene of socialites and red carpets to influences from the streets of NYC.”

If you’re wondering how this translates to hair, Dom explains, “People are going to be more playful; experimenting more with jumbo braids and twists, tight bands and gelled updos, and miniature clips with zig-zag parts. We’ll also see a lot of big voluminous blowouts like the early 2000 runways of Versace’s effortless, sexy hair.”

3. Bangs

“At the very end of 2020 we saw fringes/bangs gain momentum with all of the It girls on social media,” Dom says. If you’re uncertain whether a fringe will suit you, Dom insists that anyone can get a fringe, as it can be customized to flatter your face shape. However, he’s not talking about a straight cut fringe like when you were in high school. He explains, “The modern fringe is inspired by the 60s/70s – it’s soft and fluffy and has major volume and width.” Another major advantage to this fringe style is it’s very flattering, they grow out well, and are super versatile.


When we quizzed Dom on the trend that’ll die, he told us, “I don’t think trends die in hair nowadays, they get adapted and made fresh again. With that said, if there was a trend that’ll fade away, it’s over-accessorizing hair.” He justifies, “The pearl, rhinestone, chain-clips, and slides were cool and made a huge statement, but I feel in 2021 hair will be more stripped back – and if it is accessorized, then it’ll be done in a minimalistic, chic way.”

Kathleen Riley’s 2021 Hair Trend Predictions

Kathleen is yet another bombshell hairstylist whose clientele rosta includes mega-babes like Sofia Richie. For Kathleen, 2021 is about layers and bangs, which is clearly a major trend, as well as sleek updos.

1. Curtain Bangs

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Kathleen agrees with Dom and believes bangs are going to be super popular this year. Although, she does add, “I truly didn’t see them coming, but they have already picked up since going viral on TikTok. They’re everywhere!”

2. Layers

Another big trend? According to Kathleen, “Haircuts, both short and long, with lots of movement and layers.” She believes they’ll be popular as they’re extremely versatile, plus, they grow out well, which is very important this year as salon openings are still TBC.

3. Sleek Hairstyles

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There’s nothing we love more than an easy-to-achieve hair trend, and Kathleen confirms that sleek styles are going to be everywhere as “they’re quick and easy for our ongoing zoom calls and stay-at-home lifestyles, while still looking polished.”


“A trend I see dying out in 2021 is one-length hair. Although it’s beautiful, it’s not super versatile to change up your look or style often,” says Kathleen.

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