The 2023 Beauty Trends To Embrace Starting RN

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A new year calls for beauty resolutions, and one of ours is to branch out a bit in the beauty realm and try new things. And, of course, we had to find out what treatments and cosmetics are going to start making it big as we move into a new era of beauty. For some pointers on where to begin, we asked makeup pros, skincare gurus, and derms to dish on the beauty trends that are bound to make a big splash in the new year. From a shift away from overdone brows to an uptick in body highlighter to the “bare skin” aesthetic and a ‘less-is-more’ filler approach, here are some trends you can start embracing RN as we venture into 2023. 

2023 Beauty Trend #1: “Bare Skin” Makeup 


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No-makeup makeup has been around for a hot minute, and in 2023 the beauty world will only double down on the bare skin aesthetic. This time, though, with a twist. 

“No-makeup makeup has evolved into a new trend that’s all about letting your skin shine through your makeup and delivering a fresh-faced look,” says Brittany Lo, professional makeup artist and founder of Beia. “This trend is about embracing your imperfections while showing off a natural glow.” 

The key to nailing this beauty look is prioritizing the health of your skin with nourishing ingredients and a consistent skincare routine. It’s also all about using light to medium coverage foundation and a light hand so your skin can really shine through.

2023 Beauty Trend #2: Soft and Natural Brows 

For the last few years, we’ve seen dramatic brows with broad hair strokes and a highly groomed, very pigmented, clearly brushed look. This is already changing, says Carla Riccadone, co-founder of the award-winning permanent makeup studio, Sculpted Studios.

“Brows are moving away from the extremely arched snatched ombré style to a softer and straighter brow with or without mild hair stroke touches just in the fronts,” she tells us. “This is giving clients a more lifted face and eye area, as well as pigmentation that is not only longer lasting, but keeps to a truer color that allows for adjustment down the road.”

If you’re not quite ready for permanent makeup, Riccadone says you can pull this look off at home by keeping the tail of your brow above the brow bone and adding a soft dusting with a brow powder. Add a few delicate hair strokes in the fronts with a brow pen, and you’re golden. 

2023 Beauty Trend #3: Body Highlighter 


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Body care is having a major moment, and the spotlight on this category in the beauty industry will continue growing brighter through 2023. For those unfamiliar, body care includes everything from retinol-infused body lotions to masks and scrubs dedicated to specific parts of the body – including breasts, butt, and tummy – to body makeup. 

“According to Spate, [a company that tracks consumer trends], searches for body highlighter, specifically, have grown 32.4% this year,” notes Lo. She adds, “This trend is the perfect way to add radiance to dull skin in the winter months.” Body foundation searches are up, as well, for those who want to create a more even skin tone on their exposed skin without any shimmer. Our N.Y.M.P.H. Body Highlighter, $49, is our fave way to add a glow-up to our body in seconds!

2023 Beauty Trend #4: Non-Invasive Body Treatments 

Another area of body care that’s gaining momentum is non-invasive body treatments. This includes treatments that target fat reduction, like CoolSculpting or Kybella, as well as toning, firming, and complexion-evening treatments. 

“Non-invasive fat reduction procedures have grown by 21.1% between 2019-2021 globally and are expected to continue growing based on Allergan Aesthetics: The Future of Aesthetics Global Trends Report,” says Dr. Melissa Levin, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Entière Dermatology. She adds that she’s seen this increase in interest first-hand, with more of her patients inquiring about non-invasive, body-focused procedures alongside things like injectables and facials. 

2023 Beauty Trend #5: Natural Blush 


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In 2023, blush application will hearken back to its OG purpose: to create a natural wash of color in areas of the face that naturally flush. Gone are harsh and linear contour lines; in are softer moments and pretty, natural flushes. 

“This is a beautiful trend. Warm tones may opt for flushed peachy pinks and cool [complexions] can opt for mauve berry washes,” says makeup artist Erica Taylor. She adds, “We will see the rise of the multi-function cream products that make this application effortless.” 

2023 Beauty Trend #6: “Less Is More” Injectables

Injectable neuromodulators (e.g. Botox, Xeomin, Dysport) and fillers are here to stay, but in 2023 people will continue to move toward a naturally youthful, well-rested appearance versus a “more is more” approach that reads more obvious. Dr. Levin also notes that people are becoming far more savvy regarding injectables thanks to increased access to information and more open dialogue on the topic in general. 

Aesthetic providers need to continue to educate, train, and maintain the highest ethical standards for our patients and the industry,” says Dr. Levin. “Look for someone who commits themselves to continued training and education rather than [offering] a ‘deal’ or ‘quick fix’ on the newest beauty trends.”

2023 Beauty Trend #7: Natural, But Bold Lips 


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In contrast to “bare skin” makeup and soft blush, bold lips are destined to remain as popular as ever in 2023. Riccadone says, “The dusty mauves, nudes, and earth tones are becoming less and less requested while the natural color of the lips – reds and pinks – are back in. Think young, vibrant lips.” For a perfect pout, she recommends using a long-wear lip stain that’ll last through the day. 

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