21 Ways To Wear Braided Pigtails That Are So 2021



Each year we turn to celebrity glam squads for their juicy trend predictions, and 2021 is no different. Despite the fact that the majority of the world is still living in lockdown, there are tons of trends to experiment with (and show off on social), and braided pigtails are our new go-to.

According to celeb hairstylist and all-around goddess, Jen Atkin, braided pigtails are going to be huge this year. Not only because braided pigtails are hella cute and perfect for our WFH life, they’re also super versatile and can be worn by all hair types and textures. Get ready for some major inspo…

1. Low-Styled Braids

Keep it simple with two neat, low-styled braids. Take note from Adaisha and tie your hair into two pigtails before braiding.

2. Blinged Out Braids

Feeling the fatigue of 2021 already? Brighten up your day with blinged-out braids because, well, why TF not?

3. Micro-braided Pigtails

If you prefer a half-up, half-down look, copy Hailey and style two micro-braids into high pigtails. It’s super cute and perfect for Zoom calls.

4. Double-Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail was undoubtedly 2020’s most popular hair trend. Kim takes it to another level with her low ponytail accented with two thick braids.

5. Pigtail Braids

We’re seriously crushing over these snatched pigtails braids. The additional criss-cross detail is so fierce.

6. Pigtail Box Braids

Pigtails braids are another hella-cute way to amp up a protective hairstyle. Can we also take a minute to appreciate those baby hairs?

7. Braids Styled with a Bucket Hat

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Everything about this look is straight fire, from the eyeliner to the braids styled with a bucket hat to give a low-key vibe. It’s also ideal if you’re having a BHD and need a quick styling fix.

8. Color Blocking

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Another predicted 2021 hair trend is color blocking, and we can totally understand the obsession.

9. Braided Space Buns

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While these may not be pigtails per se, they’re too cute not to include in our round-up. We love the addition of the braided tendrils.

10. Pigtails and Pizza

Braided pigtails and pizza? We couldn’t think of a better quarantine combination. This is how you’ll find us on a Friday night for the foreseeable future. But for real, these casually styled braids give us that girl next door vibe that is just so cute.

11. Low-Styled Pigtail Twists

Too lazy to braid? (After 2020 we’re not judging) Twists are another chic option.

12. Pigtails with Braided Tendrils

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Again, these may not be braided pigtails, but we instantly fell in love with the retro butterfly clips. Plus, the combination of pigtails and braided tendrils is still a winner in our eyes.

13. Wrapped Pigtail Twists

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You can always rely on Joyjah to deliver on-trend, seriously dope hairstyles, and this look is no exception. Wrapping hair around the base of each pigtail instantly elevates this casual style!

14. Unraveling Braids

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It girl, Elsa Hosk, is yet another trendsetter we always turn to for inspo. These undone pigtail braids are SO chic and low maintenance.

15. Fishtail Braids

Looking for a new skill to learn in quarantine? Try your hand at fishtail braids as demonstrated by Beyonce’s braid artiste. They’re actually super easy to do once you watch how!

16. Braided French Braids

These braided french braids are so beautiful and soft. Two words: in LOVE!

17. Bobble Braids

Bobble braids are yet another 2020 hair trend that’ll continue to reign in 2021. Style them in pigtails to keep it fresh and current.

18. Undone Braids

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From the loose curls to the hair wrapped braids, there’s nothing we don’t love about this look… It’s all in the details!

19. Cornrow Braids

If you’re looking for a new protective hairstyle, take note from Jasmine Sanders and opt for double-braided cornrows.

20. Quick, Casual Braids


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Running out the door and looking for a style to tame your tresses? Keep it cool in braided pigtails a la Emma Chamberlain.

21. Minimal Makeup and Braided Pigtails

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Skinimalism + braided pigtails? It’s the ultimate 2021 beauty vibe.

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