3 Instagram Hair Hacks You Have To Try This Weekend


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If only hair was as easy to switch up as makeup! We find ourselves stuck in a rut of hair au naturel, and messy buns when our hair doesn’t feel as lively. When it comes to getting ready in a rush, doing our brows seems far more important. But the weekend is looming, and we discovered these three awesome hair hacks that look so cool, we’re actually going to give them a go.

Wetlook Hair DIY

If ­­washing your hair seems like too much drama to comprehend – you know, the drying, the styling, the serum, the hairspray – then this is the perfect way to switch up your look. We love the wet hair look, and this is such a fun and easy way to get a red-carpet hairstyle for almost no money at all.

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Cute Bow Braid

When it comes to braids, we’ve all seen a thousand variations, but this bow braid is actually so adorable we’re definitely attempting this over the weekend! The best bit, all you need is a few hairbands and bobby pins, and you’re set.

Conditioning Curls

Not only is this aloe vera hack amazing for your hair, but it’ll also give you flawless waves and glowing skin. Farah Dhukai combines aloe vera with ten drops of sweet orange essential oil in a blender and spritzes it on her hair and face. Just braid your hair in two plaits (wet or dry hair) and leave for a couple of hours to reveal amazing beachy waves.

#Repost @farahdhukai ・・・ 2 INGREDIENT LEAVE IN CONDITIONER for SHINY/HEALTHY WET WAVY HAIR LOOK AND SERUM for CLEAR SKIN for only $3 !!! 😛😛😛 i know how much you guys love multi purpose diys .. so you KNOW i had to drop one of the easiest and most EFFECTIVE DIYS of all time! It takes just 2 ingredients and is as little as $3.00 and it’ll TRANSFORM your hair and skin!! You’ll get the shiniest, softest, frizz free hair of all time (and you’ll be “on trend” with the wet hair look) and your skin will be so hydrated and bright and clear!! hOwW?!? 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 #1 ALOE VERA #2 SWEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL (or essential oil of your choice) always use spf and avoid excessive sun exposure on face of u use sweet orange! 🍦Scoop all the goodness out of the aloe leaf in blender 🍊Add 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil 👯Blend!! 🐋At first it seems like it’s not blending and looks like it’s a blob.. but give it a min, then it will turn into a water like consistency 🔫Pour into a spray bottle – store in fridge for upto 2 weeks 💦Apply to wet or dry hair .. as many times as you want! apply as much as you want and it WONT make your hair look greasy – if your blessed with natural beautiful waves u dont have 2 braid ur hair.. but im not so lucky 🙂 it gives you a shiny wet hair wavy look that’s been so trendy lately!! YES FOR TAKING CARE OF YOUR HAIR AND FASHION AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!! 🌓 🌝It also is a serum/moisturizer for ur face!! and clears up dry skin, blemishes and dark spots!!! ALOE is called the IMMORTALITY PLANT for a reason!!!!⏳ WHY YOU NEED DIS: ALOE VERA: ✅hydrates and conditions your hair ✅reduces dandruff ✅maintains healthy scalp ✅it makes your hair SUPER soft and SHINY and HEALTHY 👌🏾WHY its THE BEST for your skin: ✅helps with acne because of its anti-inflammitory properties ✅fights aging with beta carotene, vitamin c and e ✅keeps skin firm and hydrated ✅keeps your skin juicccccyyyy, young and perfect! SWEEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL: ✅anti-inflammatory so kills acne! ✅smoothes wrinkles amazing for anti-aging ✅brightens dark spots with vitamin C Disclaimer: test patch 1st Also disclaimer: iloveyew TAG A FRIEND

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