3 Super Easy Ways To Detox For Free

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With summer fast approaching, we’re becoming increasingly aware that bikini season is right around the corner. And in an effort to stay clear of FAD diets, we’ve started thinking of some quick and easy lifestyle changes that’ll seriously help us detox. Even if weight loss isn’t your goal, it never hurts to go on a little health kick every now and then. We swear with these three easy hacks, you’ll feel tons better, have way more energy, and you’ll look better too – beauty does start from within, after all!

Learn To Decode Your Cravings

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When you’re craving a particular food, it’s often the source of nutrients that triggers the feeling. That also means there’s always a healthier option with a higher content of the nutrients that your body really needs. For example, when you want chocolate, which we do ALL the time, the source of your craving is actually magnesium, which can be found in almonds, spinach, or quinoa. Similarly, if you’re desperate for salty foods, you’re in need of chloride silicon; which is found in apples, grapes, or bell peppers. And, if you feel like you’re in desperate need of carbs, you’re really after nitrogen, which is found in high-protein foods like meat or fish. Even when you’re tired and desperate for a coffee, you can trade it in for green tea, as this also contains a high level of caffeine. So the moral of the story is, decode your cravings and find the source! Even though you may think the only thing that’ll satisfy your cravings is a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, it’s not what your body’s actually asking for.

Cut Back On Animal Products

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We know that veganism may seem like the latest Insta happy trend, but there are actually some major health benefits to a plant-based diet. We’re not suggesting that you go vegan 24/7 – we’re not sure what life is without a grilled cheese sandwich now and again – but cutting back on meat and dairy can make a real difference to your health. So, we try to go meat-free three days a week, and we limit our dairy intake to one meal a day. Even though meat is a really good source of protein, it also has the highest amount of saturated fats in our diet, especially red meat. When you do eat meat, it’s worth looking for free-range and organic sources, otherwise, the animal may have been pumped with harmful chemicals and hormones, which we then ingest – gross!

When it comes to our dairy intake, we couldn’t believe it when we found out that 65% of the population is lactose intolerant (lactose is the main carbohydrate found in dairy products). This is because it’s a complex compound that our body finds difficult to break down and digest, causing you to bloat and feel sluggish. Limiting your dairy intake to one serving a day is also enough to satisfy your daily requirement for calcium. The rest of your calcium intake can be found in other calcium-rich foods, like pineapple or leafy greens. Plus, dairy is normally high in fat and can be super calorific, so even if you aren’t intolerant, it’s always a good idea to cut back. There are so many alternatives to dairy products too, like almond or oat milk, there’s even vegan ice cream which is surprisingly good, so next time you’re at the store, try these instead!

Eat Within a 12-Hour Window

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When we found out that celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Beyoncé, and Hugh Jackman swear by eating within a 12-hour period, we had to check it out! And OMG, it’s one of the easiest “diet” rules to follow! It can make a big difference to your daily metabolic cycle, helping you burn more fat, and it’ll also seriously decrease your daily food intake. Eating within a 12-hour period helps regulate and balance your insulin production (the hormone that’s released after each meal), which is what causes your body to produce glucose. The influx of glucose triggers a hormone called ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry. When you limit your food intake, you also limit your production of ghrelin, which means you regulate and decrease your hunger.

Eating within a restricted time frame also means you don’t store fat, but instead, you continue to burn it throughout the day and before you go to sleep. Even if you don’t want to regulate your hunger, restricting your eating time will help manage your blood sugar levels, lower levels of inflammation, and improve your heart health and your immune system. Just remember the golden rule, the clock starts ticking from the very first thing you put into your body (apart from water), and it stops exactly 12 hours later.

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