These 3 Easy Hair Trends Will Dominate This Season


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Our calendar is finally filling up and TBH, as much as we’ve been waiting for this moment for the past two years, it’s a lot. And, when we’re seeing friends, co-workers, and relatives that we haven’t seen in two years, we want to look and feel our best. And nothing says fresh, sexy makeover like a new hair ‘do. It’s literally the universal beauty answer to “I want to shake things up.”

To help inspire your next hairstyle, we’ve rounded up three hair trends to insert a new lease of life into your look. Oh, and the good news is they’re all pretty low maintenance, so you won’t have to struggle through the holiday season while learning how to tame a new ‘do. Thank us later!

1. The Sliced Bob

We’ll be real: a good bob is the ultimate timeless hair trend, but it’s also one that’s been reinvented time and time again. Right now, the trending style is the sliced bob – a short cropped bob that’s cut to one length, like someone has literally sliced your hair off. Championed by Kourtney Kardashian and followed by her Gen Z bestie Addison Rae, this is a trend that works for everyone.

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And TBH, we understand the hype. The hairstyle is super low maintenance and easy to cut, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck in the salon chair for hours on end.

2. Box Braids with Large Sections

When it comes to setting trends, no one does it quite like Rihanna. If Zendaya also slays the same trend in the space of a week, it’s confirmed, signed, sealed, and delivered – it’s officially the next big thing.

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The trend? Box braids in large sections. The sectioning style is similar to jumbo braids. However, the braids don’t need to be large, Rihanna opted for small knotted braids.

One of the many advantages of larger braid sections is the lack of installation and removal time. Unlike microbraids, your natural hair is parted into large sections so there are fewer braids. It’s also an easy style to DIY, making it a great holiday style.

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We’re still not over this look of Zendaya at the CFDAs, and we can’t not mention the stylist behind the look, who also donned custom Vera Wang with matching jumbo braids: Law Roach. There’s no doubt that he’s one of the hottest stylists right now, so if he or his clients slay a look, you know it’s gonna be a big trend.

3. Side Swept Bangs

As millennials, we’re feeling pretty smug right now. Just one year ago, Gen Z labeled side partings and side-swept bangs as “so totally lame and old,” yet fast forward to the present day, and they’re swooning over the trend.

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Yup, side partings, and side-swept bangs have made a comeback and we’re grateful as they look chic and sexy on almost everyone. We’ve spotted celebs like Ariana, Dua Lipa, Madison Beer, Lizzo, Meg, and Kendall Jenner all rocking a longer, side-swept fringe. Another reason to love it? It’s versatile enough to be tied back, styled in the center, or tucked neatly behind your ears when you want it off your face.

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If we’re honest, it was only a matter of time before this 2000s trend came back, seeing as Gen Z is obsessed with all things Y2K. When Beyonce posted this photo with side-swept bangs, one commenter said, “It’s giving me, myself and I” one fan noted, referring to the singer’s classic 2000s anthem. Another noted that she posted the picture exactly 18 years to the day since Me, Myself, and I was released.

Which is your fave hair trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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