4 At-Home Skincare Gadgets Derms Swear By


Going in for a professional skincare treatment means you’ll walk out looking gorgeous – or maybe temporarily red but on your way to gorgeous. It might be tricky to replicate that exact feeling, but you can def get a good glow in the comfort of your home, too. Whether you’re waiting for your favorite spa or clinic to open up, are trying to stretch the time between $$$ appointments, or just want to give your current routine a boost, a skincare gadget might help. The below devices have all been recommended by top dermatologists who use the products themselves, so you know they’re good.

$AVE: Joey Healy Grooming Dermablade Trio, $18

Joey Healy Grooming Dermablade TrioSource: Joey Healy Grooming

Dermablading requires max precision and high-quality tools for a clean finish. Dr. Hadley King, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City, swears by this trio from Joey Healy.

“These have sharp and precise stainless-steel blades to erase the finest hair without irritating skin. Also, stainless steel is easy to keep clean and disinfected,” she says. “The benefit of dermablading, in general, is that it offers gentle physical exfoliation of the surface of the skin and removes fine hairs. Everyone has those fine baby (vellus) hairs on their face, but some people’s are thicker and therefore more visible. It makes sense they might want to remove them.”

Dr. King adds that dermablading also nixes that superficial layer of dead skin, which can have an overall brightening effect and help makeup go on smoother. And no, shaving hair doesn’t make it grow back thicker!

“When using, start with clean and dry skin and use a clean blade, and do not use it on areas where the skin is broken, irritated or infected. Be careful by using short strokes while holding the skin taut,” she advises. “Do not go over any area more than once and don’t use it on the eyelids or lips, or areas where you don’t want to lose hair – like your eyebrows or hairline!”

$PLURGE: iDerma Youth Restoring Masque, $329

iDerma Youth Restoring MasqueSource: iDerma

This futuristic gadget is spendy for sure, but Dr. Ted Lain, a board-certified dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer at Sanova Dermatology, says it’s worth the bread. It’s essentially a light therapy mask that utilizes 128 red and infrared LEDs to help improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, redness, and scarring.

“By utilizing low-level light therapy (LLLT), the masque harnesses the body’s natural mechanisms to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and increase collagen production,” he explains. “I like that the technology is safe and effective on every skin type. This is because it utilizes the body’s response to certain wavelengths without harmful or annoying side effects.”

His pro-tip is to be consistent with usage and to not fall for similar-looking knockoffs that are everywhere RN. “This particular combination of infrared and red light is important, as is the power level of each bulb, and density of bulbs,” he says.

$PLURGE: MTS MicroNeedle Roller 0.3mm, $120

MTS MicroNeedle Roller 0.3mmSource: MTS

There are a ton of different microneedling devices out there and it can be hard to figure out which one is best. If you’re unsure, lean on this recommendation from Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, a Miami-based board certified dermatologist with over 40 years of experience.

“Years ago, I was at our annual American Academy of Dermatology meeting and I purchased the MTS MicroNeedle Roller there. I started to use it for enhanced skin-firming since it will stimulate collagen. Since then, I have recommended it to many of my patients and they have seen excellent improvement in either wrinkles or acne scars,” she tells us. She adds that the device boasts superior quality, true-precision needles, and at .3mm they are long enough to penetrate into living layers of skin where they can help to make new collagen.

It’s not exactly comfortable to use, so Dr. Ciraldo recommends icing your skin first. After, apply your favorite serums and then apply cool water compresses for more comfort. Don’t use over areas of broken vessels or active breakouts, use a very light hand (don’t press!), and only use three times a week max. Also, make sure you clean with 70% or higher alcohol after ever use.

$AVE: Skin Gym Rose Quartz Facial Roller, $28

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Facial RollerSource: Skin Gym

We doubt you’re a stranger to facial rollers, but maybe you weren’t sure about whether they were worth incorporating into your own routine. Dr. Ciraldo says they are, and she recommends this inexpensive option from Skin Gym.

“Facial rollers provide a more effective at-home facial massage. The cool, firm surface helps to temporarily lift the facial contour to lessen the appearance of nose to mouth creases, and it gives skin an overall firmer appearance. Personally speaking, using one has made a noticeable difference on my face,” she says. “At my office, we even give them away as a gift with purchase!”

Have you guys tried adding any skincare tools into your routine? We have to say, they are one of the cornerstones of our routine. Check out more amazing beauty tools that can really make a big difference to your skin.