5 Amazing Beauty Hacks This Free Tool Is THE BEST For


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If there’s one tool that every beauty lover should have in their glam room, it’s a spoolie. We know it may not look like much, but it’s an MUA’s secret weapon as it has SO many different uses: from taming brows and flyaways to plumping your lips and fixing your lashes. If you’re not familiar, a spoolie is the small mascara wand that you can find on most beauty counters, or they’re often included in brow kits, but that definitely doesn’t mean you should limit them to your brows. Here’s how we use our fav beauty tool for a whole range of hacks….

To tame flyaways

There’s nothing worse than when your glossy blow-dry gets caught in the rain – or in our case, is exposed to the desert heat. To combat frizz when you’re-on-the-go and keep flyaways at bay, make sure you have a spoolie in your purse at all times – we swear, it works wonders! As the brush is so fine it’ll smooth down any baby hairs and leave your hair looking silky smooth. For maximum impact, spray your spoolie with hairspray before combing it through your hair to get ultimate hold and shine – we do this almost every morning!

For brows

There’s arguably no better brow tool for taming your brows than a spoolie! For ultimate hold, coat your spoolie with a little hairspray, and for thicker looking brows, brush your brows upwards up until you reach the arch and then brush the brows toward your hairline.

Extra hack: For longer lashes and brows, dip your spoolie in castor oil and then brush it through your hair. Castor oil is bursting with protein and fatty acids that can strengthen hair, making it the ideal remedy for extending the length of your lashes and brows.

For false lashes

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One of our all-time fav hacks transforms a $2 pair of lashes into super luxurious, natural looking lashes. Just grab a spoolie and any drugstore lashes, and brush the lashes outwards, in horizontal back and forth motions. This will separate the lashes, making the lash strip appear fuller. Even, if you’re not a fan of falsies and you’re a die-hard mascara fan, if you run a clean spoolie through your mascara-coated lashes, you’ll separate each lash, getting rid of any clumps and again, making your eyes look more dramatic.

For your lips

This hacks only takes 30 seconds, and it’ll give you THE softest lips: just apply your fave lip balm or oil (we like to use coconut oil as it’s super hydrating and tastes delicious too!), then, using small circular motions, brush your lips gently with your spoolie.

For your nails

Using a spoolie to remove stubborn nail polish is basically a two-in-one nail treatment, as it gets rid of any stubborn polish while also gently buffing your nails. Just dip your spoolie in nail polish and buff away – the fine bristles are ideal as they’re able to access the cracks and crevices of your nails.

Let us know if you guys have any other amazing hacks you do with your spoolie in the comments.