Feeling Bloated? These 5 Things Will Debloat You Fast


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Bloating: you either overindulge (oops) or you eat a particular food that made you bloat (find out what they are here). If you’re super bloated, don’t worry, there are plenty of de-bloating foods that’ll help you feel better almost instantly.

Before we get into the debloating magic, it’s important to note what kind of bloating you’re experiencing. Typically, there are two types of bloating; gas and water bloating. Gassy bloating is caused by eating certain foods that are harder to digest, for example beans or grains. This will make you feel sluggish and prompt the classic unbuttoning of the jeans… We’ve all been there! The other form of bloating is water bloating, which leaves you feeling weighted or inflamed or as we like to phrase it… Puffy! This is triggered by hormonal changes, dehydration or eating too much salty food. Leading us nicely on to our first de-bloating agent…

1. Water

When you’re bloated, it may seem counterintuitive to fill your body with anything else but sipping on some H2o will help you debloat… Fast. Obviously, if your bloat is a result of dehydration it’ll tackle that but it also helps with gas bloating: When you eat a meal that’s high in fiber, drinking water will help it move through your GI (gastrointestinal) tract more efficiently. Just be sure to stay clear of sparkling water, which can add extra gas. It’s also better to drink warm water as it speeds up your digestive system, and you can also add a slice of fresh ginger or green tea.

2. Ginger


The benefits of ginger are literally endless! Hence, why it’s one of the oldest herbal medicines in the world and a potent debloating agent, obvs! Ginger contains a digestive agent named zingiber, which helps your stomach break down proteins that would otherwise cause bloating. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory, promoting the efficiency of your colon so that your food can pass through your system more easily. If you’re suffering from period bloat, ginger will also ease the pain of cramps as it lowers the production of prostaglandins.

3. Lemon

If you ask any model or fitness guru how they start their day, they’ll tell you it’s with a cup of hot water and lemon. Lemon juice is an amazing detoxifier. Firstly, citric acid acts like a natural laxative as the juice is almost identical to the stomach’s digestive juices. This will ease overall digestion and help your liver eliminate waste and toxins, improving your overall gut health. Try making a warm water with lemon and ginger in the mornings; it’s a great way to start your day.

4. Pineapple


If you’re feeling bloated but you’re still craving something sweet, snack on some pineapple. Pineapple helps ease digestion as it contains a digestive enzyme called bromelain, which will break down proteins in the stomach that can cause bloating. That’s not all, it contains synephrine to suppress your appetite, naringenin to help you burn fat, and limonene to reduce any inflammation. Plus, it’s crazy hydrating, so it’ll help beat that dehydrated-induced bloat.

5. Bananas

Is there anything a banana can’t do? It will boost your mood, improve the quality of your sleep, alleviate period pains, and of course help you fight bloating. Especially if you love salty foods, as the potassium will help flush out sodium and any water retention. Bananas are also a source of soluble fiber so it’ll help you poop (gross, but necessary).

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