5 Perfumes That Will Make You Feel Powerful AF


powerful perfume

Scent can be intoxicating – it has the ability to completely alter your mood, whether you want to feel feminine, playful, or in this case, powerful and confident. Spritz any one of these five fragrances and you’ll feel emboldened and ready to dominate your day, whatever task may lie ahead. Whether you need an extra ounce of sass or a lift for a big zoom meeting, these fragrances will help!

1. The Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb Jasmine Twist, $55

Source: Viktor & Rolf

Notes: Jasmine, orange blossom, and patchouli

Why we love it: As soon as we spray this iconic fragrance on our skin, we feel invigorated, which makes total sense as both jasmine and orange blossom are scientifically proven to make you feel confident. Jasmine-based perfumes are believed to fill your mind with positive energy, while citrus can boost alertness. One spritz of this intoxicating floral perfume and you’ll be addicted to its energizing effect.

Perfect for: This dynamic fragrance can take you straight from the boardroom to date night.

2. KAYALI VANILLA | 28, $88

Notes: Vanilla orchid, tonka, amber, musk, and brown sugar

Why we love it: Vanilla is one of the most popular scents in the world, thanks to its uplifting, confidence-boosting powers. This rich vanilla-based scent combines sweet notes of vanilla orchid, amber, musk, and brown sugar. It’s complex, powerful, and sexy, just like the modern woman.

Perfect for: Any occasion when you want to leave an impression.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eu De Parfum, $76

Source: Black Opium

Notes: Black coffee, white flower, vanilla

Why we love it: The key note in this fragrance is adrenaline-rich coffee, which immediately energizes and awakens your senses. The caffeinated top note fades away to reveal the sweetness of white flowers and vanilla. Whenever we wear this fragrance, people are instantly drawn to us, thanks to the world’s universal love of coffee – it smells so good you (and everyone around you) will want to eat it.

Perfect for: We leave this on our desk, ready for when we need an uplifting surge of energy.

4. Byredo Sundazed, $180

Source: Byredo

Notes: Musk, cotton candy, lemon, mandarin, neroli, and jasmine sambac

Why we love it: A highly addictive scent inspired by sun-drenched days that leave you feeling refreshed and refueled. With notes of lemon, neroli and jasmine, layered with musk and cotton candy, it’s sparkling and complex yet centered and strong. Drench yourself in this scent, and you’ll feel awakened and fierce.

Perfect for: Long summer days, or if you just need to add sunshine and light into your day.

5. Calvin Klein Women, $64

Source: Calvin Klein

Notes: Alaskan cedarwood, orange flower petals, and eucalyptus acorns

Why we love it: Created by Raf Simmons, this perfume draws inspiration from the inherent power of modern women. It’s diverse and wide-ranging, with delicate notes of orange flower petals, emboldened with notes of acorns and cedarwood. It’s the kind of scent we imagine a She.E.O. wearing.

Perfect for: A feminist march, a board meeting, or whenever you want to feel emboldened.

What’s your go-to fragrance when you want to feel powerful? Let us know in the comments below.

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