5 Skincare Products I’m Obsessed With Right Now

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Hey my loves! Ever since my mum gave me a DIY beauty book when I was really young, I’ve been fascinated with learning about different skincare ingredients and what they do and how they affect the skin. Now, it’s basically my job to test out skincare, and over the last 10 years, I’ve tried some amazing formulas and learned almost everything there is to know about skincare.

When I was a teenager, I really relied on doing DIYs, as where I lived the nearest Sephora was miles away! Now that I’ve been in the industry for so long, I’m really lucky to have tried so many amazing products I would never have been able to find when I was younger. My skincare love affair is definitely not cheap, and this is one area that I really believe is worth investing in, especially now that my skin is more mature. Here are five products I’m obsessed with right now!

Tony Moly Gold 24K Snail Gel Sheet Mask, $10

skincareSource: TonyMoly

This has been my go-to mask for years and if ever my skin needs hydration, this is the mask I turn to. I know a snail mask sounds gross, but Snail secretion is really rich in nutrients that contain hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, and a ton of other components that stimulate collagen and elastin production, and it’s super hydrating as it contains around 95% water. Don’t worry, the snail mucus is processed and filtered multiple times, so it’s thoroughly clean. The mask also contains 24K gold, ginseng extracts, and Epidermal Growth Factor (a polypeptide developed to stimulate cells to encourage collagen production). After 15 minutes with this mask on, my skin looks brighter, glowy, and it stays hydrated ALL day long.

La Mer The Rejuvenating Hand Serum, $110

skincareSource: La Mer

I love everything about this hand cream, from the texture and smell to the results. The formula isn’t super heavy so it sinks in quickly and it leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and smooth. I’ve even noticed my hands look better since I started using it, so even though it’s super pricey for a hand cream, I do think this really is worth the price tag, especially if you’re prone to dry hands. The formula includes super hydrators like sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil, plus green tea extract, smoothing apple fruit extract, caffeine and tons of other amazing ingredients.

Another all-time fave hand cream of mine is the Chemistry Brand Hand Chemistry Youth Intense Complex, $21. The formula contains some really incredible ingredients that actually make your hands look younger and it’s really helped to brighten my skin and make my hands look more even toned.

111SKIN Antioxidant Energising Essence, $100

skincareSource: 111Skin

I recently discovered 111Skin in Duty-Free and it’s immediately become one of my go-to skincare brands – their sheet masks are ahhhMAZING! I’m so obsessed with this formula and I’ve been really into using essences lately, especially before my makeup. An essence is kinda like toner and serum had a baby, it’s a lightweight formula that packs a hydrating punch, while it also rebalances your skin after you’ve cleansed and toned. Find out more about using essences in your routine here.

This formula is packed with the 111Skin signature NAC Y2 formula that repairs the skin and helps build volume, as well as skin brightening vitamin C and Pueraria Thunbergiana Root, antioxidant-rich vitamin E, minerals and hydrating hyaluronic acid. It makes my skin feel insanely soft and really helps to even tone and brighten the skin.

Dr. Jart+ Peptidin™ Radiance Serum with Energy Peptides, $48

skincareSource: Dr. Jart+

I’m obsessed with this peptide-packed serum that helps to brighten and hydrate my skin! It contains a combo of eight peptides, which penetrate through the skin barrier and signal to your skin cells to regenerate collagen and other proteins that are vital for restoring the skin and helping to make your skin look younger (find out more about peptides here). If like me, you’re in your 30s, peptides are a really great ingredient to introduce because they’re so effective at boosting collagen production. I love to use this after cleansing, toning, and essence. 

111Skin Y Lift Neck And Décolletage Serum, $400

skincareSource: 111Skin

This targeted serum is designed to tone and firm skin around the neck and décolletage with it’s clinically proven Progeline formula that helps to reduce sagging and restore the skin’s natural cellular foundation. The formula has made a noticeable difference to my skin, and I love how the formula feels, applies and wears. It is a very expensive formula, but the place where I invest my money is my skincare, and now that I’m in my 30s, my main focus is to reverse signs of aging, and if that’s not with Botox and fillers, it’s with skincare.

For a more affordable but very effective anti-aging solution, I also like the Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum, $16, which has a concentrated amino-peptide complex that helps to firm the skin, and I love to use it all over my neck and décolletage too.

What skincare products are you guys obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below, and also check out our fave drugstore products here.