5 Weird Life Hacks That’ll Make You Feel Good Instantly


5-Weird-Life-Hacks-That’ll-Make-You-Feel-Good-InstantlySource: Getty Images / Dove

Do you ever get those days where you feel a little ‘meh?’ Well, you’re not alone, but don’t sweat it; it’s only natural. However, that doesn’t mean you should let the negative energy fester, instead, get your good mood back ASAP. While most people know the usual, more obvious mood boosters, like go outside, exercise, laugh, eat well… There are some kinda weird hacks that are just as effective and often a lot more fun. So the next time you’re feeling a little low, trade-in those vibes for some big energy with one of these easy hacks.

1. Squeeze Some Bubble Wrap

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When you’re a child, the process of opening a package is often more exciting than the parcel inside. And that’s all down to the bubble wrap. Literally, the buzz you get from popping bubble wrap (no matter how many times your mom tells you to stop) is SO addictive. But there’s actually science behind that thrill, and it’s all to do with stress. In a study in the Psychological Reports Journal, it concluded the undergraduates who popped two sheets of bubble wrap felt more alert and calmer than when they’d started. So while we realize it may seem a little weird, it’s actually a proven stress reliever. So get on Amazon and order yourself some bubble wrap – it’s self-care, after all.

2. Smell The Flowers… And The Lemons

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Stop and smell the flowers. Seriously, get a good old whiff whenever you’re feeling a little ‘eugh.’ The smell of flowers + the presence of nature = an instant mood booster. In particular, jasmine has been shown to reduce stress as it relaxes nerves. You can even buy jasmine oil and keep it at your desk to smell when you feel a little stressed or overwhelmed.

Another major mood enhancer is the scent of lemons, which is a more budget-friendly option. We love to keep a super handy, This Works Stress Check Breathe In rollerball, $24, on our desk – the blend of eucalyptus, frankincense, and lavender imparts a serious state of calm.

3. Watch A Mood-Enhancing Show

While lots of people suggest getting some fresh air when you’re in a bad mood, scheduling in a Netflix and chill sesh can be just as effective. It just depends on what show you watch. According to UKCP therapist Elaine Slater, TV shows that inspire hope and follow someone who overcomes struggles, will inspire you and make you feel connected and uplifted. The shows she has stockpiled include; Grace and Frankie, About a Boy, Friends, Love and Other Drugs, and our personal fave, Queer Eye – we literally binge-watched the entire season and couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

4. Scream

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Whatever’s happened during the day that’s made you want to scream can sometimes be remedied with a good screaming sesh. Scream therapy, which Kanye swears by, is a method of physical relief; it involves standing in a warrior pose and screaming at the top of your lungs. We know it sounds a little wild, but once again, it’s proven to release stress. The key thing is you connect to that anger, worry or stress and you let it go. According to a Ph.D. psychotherapist Gin Love Thompson, “The physical vibratory sensations alert the nervous system and subconscious that this discharge is a conscious choice of absolution.”

5. Have A Solo Dance Party

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This has to be the ultimate feel-good hack. There’s honestly nothing more invigorating then dancing around in your room when nobody’s watching! The movement will boost endorphins and increase levels of serotonin in the brain. So, blast your fave song, which btw will also up your mood – a study in 2013 revealed that people who listened to upbeat music improved their mood and boosted their happiness levels in two weeks – and unleash your inner Beyoncé.

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