6 Celeb Beauty Hacks That Will Save You SO Much Money



When it comes to celebs, we want to know ALL their beauty secrets: how do they look that flawless on the red carpet? How can someone’s hair be THAT shiny, and how can their skin be SO dewy? Seriously?! So you can imagine how psyched we were when we discovered the products they use literally cost less than a few dollars and are some of our FAV natural beauty DIYs. Check out these six insanely cool (and super easy) beauty hacks Hollywood’s most gorgeous celebs swear by.

Jennifer Aniston’s Secret 

jennifer aniston beauty hack

I think we can all agree that Jennifer Aniston looks pretty bomb – none of us actually believe that she is 48! Our FAV Friends actress claims using Vaseline under her eyes every single night is the secret to her enviably smooth undereyes, and for a couple of dollars, we’re definitely going to try this out. Find out more Vaseline hacks here.

Miranda Kerr’s Glow Alternative

miranda kerr beauty hack

Miranda is basically the ultimate poster girl for glowing skin; she is always radiant! Aside from the fact it’s crazy how anyone can have skin that naturally glows so luminously, her tip for switching out highlighter is pretty genius. Miranda says on her down days; she uses ChapStick or lip balm instead of highlighter to give her skin a natural, lit-from-within glow. Considering most of us have at least three lip balms lying around our homes somewhere, needless to say, this incredibly simple, but effective tip, is our new off-duty essential.

Beyonce’s Sweet Tip for Kissable Lips

There’s no denying that Beyoncé is completely flawless in every way, and we’re certain she did wake up as perfect as she is. Fortunately for us, her amazing makeup artist Sir John shared one of his rituals for soft lips he uses on Beyoncé… A mix of honey and brown sugar to make an all-natural scrub for Beyoncé’s lips, which creates a perfectly smooth canvas for lipsticks. Not only does it make your lips incredibly kissably soft, but honey is also super nourishing and moisturizing.

Adriana Lima’s Hack For Shiny Hair


If we’re going to take beauty tips from anyone, the Victoria’s Secret supermodels are on the top of our list. Not only is Adrianna Lima completely flawless in every way, but she knows a thing or two about budget-friendly beauty. Her hack for her incredibly glossy, catwalk-worthy hair? She swears by avocados, and it actually works miracles! Check out our DIY avocado hair mask.

The A-List Cure-All Obsession

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 10.44.27 AM

There’s such a lengthy list of celebs touting the beneficial properties of green tea that we’ve lost track, but with devotees including Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lady Gaga, we know it’s a winner. Whether you drink green tea or apply it to your skin, it has some pretty magical properties that have turned HB HQ into religious green tea drinkers. Check out our favorite ways to use green tea and find out all the awesome things it can do for your body here.

Scarlett Johansson’s DIY Anti-Aging Toner

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 1.10.24 PM

Considering Scarlett looks the same now as she did ten years ago – yes, that What Goes Around Video with Justin Timberlake was made in 2007! Thankfully, we can at least jump on her skincare regime, and it will cost you just a few dollars. Scarlett has been a long-time fan of apple cider vinegar as a toner because she prefers to use natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Apple cider vinegar has insane properties that not only make it amazing as an detoxifying toner, but it can also help you lose weight – should you want to – and get glossy hair. Find out other ways apple cider vinegar is awesome and how to use it as a DIY toner here.