6 Products We Swear By For Taming Frizzy Hair


Frizzy hair

When it comes to #girlboss anthems, “can’t be tamed” is our mission statement. When it comes to our hair, however, taming flyaways is our job. A frizzy ‘do is a major don’t in our beauty book, but unfortunately it’s also a total B to amend. Luckily there are products for that and even a very specific towel that won’t aggravate the issue the way other basic terrycloth versions can. Peep our top frizzy hair-taming picks below, then be on your way to smoother, sexier, stress-free strands in no time.

1. Do-it-All Serum

Frizzy hair

Source: IGK

IGK CRYBABY Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum is here to save the frizzy day. This non-greasy formula does it all: smooths and tames (thanks to pickle pear antioxidant extracts) and strengthens limp locks (via super ingredient coconut oil). And you can’t argue that the Lichtenstein-esque bottle will make a very artsy addition to your vanity lineup.

How to use: Rub a dime-sized amount between your fingers to warm up the product, then apply to damp or dry strands. If applying dry, concentrate around the hairline (baby hair frizz be gone!) and mid-to-end lengths of the hair.

Shop it here, $25.

2. Frizz Defense Mask

Frizzy Hair

Source: Shea Moisture

When your hair looks like it got caught in an electrical socket, it’s time to fight the frizz and this Shea Moisture Raw Shea & Cupuaçu Frizz Defense Hair Mask is up for the challenge. The reparative treatment is an all-natural cocktail of Amazonian Cupuaçu butter to defend against free radicals, certified organic raw shea butter to deeply moisturize with essential fatty acids, pistachio oil to stimulates hair growth, and Passiflora (passion flower) oil, which is oozing with vitamin C to nourish and protect a seemingly unmanageable mane. Frizz doesn’t stand a chance once you start using this bad boy.

How to use: Section off clean, wet hair and apply liberally from roots-to-ends, then let soak in for five minutes. You’re looking for deep penetration here to really reap the benefits and if you’ve got time to spare, go the extra mile and put a shower cap and apply heat for 30 minutes. Silky strands will be yours when you take it off. Repeat once a week.

Shop it here, $14.

3. Disciplinary Set

Frizzy hair

Source: Kérastase

When you need the big guns, better call Kérastase. Their three-part Discipline Unruly Hair Set includes: Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo, Fondant Fluidealiste Conditioner, and Keratine Thermique Blow Dry Primer to restore troubled hair and most importantly, keep it frictionless. And if you’re not already using a sulfate-free shampoo like Bain Fluidealiste, you should start ASAP, as that will help remedy frizz.

How to use: Shampoo and condition as usual, then work the blow dry primer through towel-dried hair and get to werking those hot tools (on a cool setting, of course).

Shop it here, $110.

4. Anti-Frizz Styling Creme

Frizzy hair

Source: Living Proof

It’s that time of year when a seasonal shift, bone dry temps, and blasting furnaces are plotting to ruin our LIFE. Ahem, hair. Don’t despair though; Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream has got a girl’s back — and head. To keep your blowout in check (and the frizzes at bay), reach for this miracle worker that polishes and conditions, without weighing you down.

How to use: Finger comb (or actually comb) through damp hair, then air-dry or style with heat and wait for the magic to happen.

Shop it here, $28.

5. On-the-Go Static Control

Frizzy hair

Source: Nunzio Saviano

Stash a few Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets in your carry-on bag or purse to combat frizz out in public. Because the last thing you want to deal with is a #badhairday when an Insta opp with the squad presents itself. 

How to use: Swipe these sheets over misbehaving hair to keep it in check. The non-sticky polymers and coconut oil will calm things down in a second.

Shop them here, $18.

6. Wonder Towel

Frizzy hair

Source: Devacurl

By all means, don’t leave the DEVATOWEL Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel laying around just anywhere — this special piece of material deserves to touch your tresses only. Since regular old terrycloth towels can actually promote frizz and fuss up curly hair due to their coarse nature, the DEVATOWEL is a lifesaver since its gentle microfiber texture absorbs water in a less harsh way.

How to use: After cleansing and hydrating, flip your head over and softly scrunch hair in an upward motion. Then apply your fave coil-inducing products and give your head a few more scrunches to distribute and ring out any residual moisture.

Shop it here, $20

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these products in the comments below — we’re also open to hearing your funny frizzy hair stories in the comments below 😉