6 Face Masks That Will Give You a Facial In Minutes

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Sheet masks were arguably the best thing to ever happen to lazy skincare, and then sticks came along. Frankly, we’re obsessed with both, but we tend to gravitate towards those drenched layers when we’re home channel surfing and don’t mind looking a little cray in the name of beauty. That said, sticks are great for caring for your skin inconspicuously, on the go. Behold the ones we can’t get enough of right now:

Magic Stripes Magnetic Youth Mask Set (Box of 3), $65:

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If you haven’t heard of Magic Stripes, you’ve been missing out. Their magnetic masks literally draw the toxins out of the body (and off your face) while increasing healthy cell regrowth, and the natural plant essence makes them smell divine, not like a science lab. For those of you with extra-parched skin, they have a Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Mask Set, $50, that will solve your problem, stat.

Olay Fresh Reset Pink Mineral Complex Clay Face Mask Stick, $10:

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Sheet masks are our best friend, but when you’re on the move and could do without the drippy mess, a stick is the way to go. Enter Olay’s pink mineral complex that’s comprised of premium Kaolin clay to buff away skin-dulling impurities. Plus, if one portion of your visage needs a little more love than others, it’s easy to spot treat.

Joanna Vargas Glow to Go Mask Set (Box of 5), $75:

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Facialist to the stars Joanna Vargas is no stranger to the sheet mask game. She’s been testing and perfecting her signature formulas forever and now features her top five in a set. Glow to Go contains the answer to every skincare woe and boosts extra serum in each packet to apply on your décolleté, arms, legs, or anywhere your skin is thirsty. Use her Eden Instant Lift Mask to banish wrinkles and keep skin looking taught, her Forever Glow Anti-Aging Face Mask to smoothe and add a touch of luminosity, her Dawn Face Mask to exfoliate with Mandelic Acid, her Twilight Face Mask to deep condition, and her Bright Eye Hydrating Mask to refresh and awaken tired peepers.

Spascriptions Gold Hydrogel Lip Mask, (Box of 4) $9:

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Most sheet masks leave holes for the mouth, but what gives? Unless you’re wine’ing and multitaskingmasking (hey we’ve done it), your lips need love too. This hydrogel patch softens a scaly pucker after just one use, but best of all, it firms, tones, and wards off fast-approaching fine lines thanks to our favorite metal: gold.

111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Bio Cellulose Eye Mask (Box of 8), $140:

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There are sheet masks, and then there are supercharged hybrid sheet masks that do it all – this futuristic black diamond mask happens to be one of them. Even celeb makeup artist Pati Dubroff is a fan, so she probs uses it on her babe clients Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra to prep their skin before big events. Infused with black diamond particles that are known for penetrating the deepest layers of your skin, it contains Dr. Yannis Alexandrides’ signature Bio Cellulose technology, which means it improves moisture levels, targets discoloration, and diminishes fine lines. It also looks cool AF in a #SelfCareSunday Insta… just sayin’.

Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Face Mask, $24:

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Skin looking a little dull? Spruce it up with Milk’s new watermelon stick mask. This little guy is made up of Swiss garden cress extract to brighten dark spots and watermelon fruit extract to hydrate, and it’s also available in a Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask, $24, that controls oil and calms redness. Just swipe on, let sit for five to 10 minutes, and rinse off.

Have you guys tried any other amazing masks we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!