6 Tricks For Extra Glowy Skin – No Matter How Late You Stayed Up


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It’s basically the last day of summer, and we’re still holding on to every last minute of it, which means early nights are not an option. But, just because we’re ready to go all night long and do it all again the next night, doesn’t mean our skin is going to follow suit! Our skin suffers when we’ve had a lack of sleep or been sweating (ahem, sparkling) on the dance floor. If you’ve had a late one, your skin is probably giving you away. Luckily, we’ve got the ultimate quick fixes to breathe life into your skin and keep you looking glowing and fresh no matter what the day ahead holds.

1. Scrub

Exfoliating increases circulation – which can go off balance if you’ve been up all night werkin’ it. Using an exfoliator, dry brush or even just a sugar scrub can help bring blood flow back up. For a quick DIY, try this tomato and sugar scrub. Tomatoes are packed full of antioxidants that will help get rid of any toxins in your skin.

2. Hit the Vitamin C

For skin that needs TLC, you need Vitamin C. Lemons are packed full of vitamin C, which is a seriously powerful antioxidant. Kick-start your day, metabolism, and digestive system with a healthy and cleansing glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice to get rid of toxins – try to drink it before anything else for the biggest benefit. Once you’ve cleansed in the morning, squeeze some fresh orange juice (or slice an orange in half) and sweep it over your face. Let it work its magic for 5 mins before wiping away with a cotton pad spritzed with toner or water.

3. Get Ice Cold

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Puffy, inflamed, red skin? Ice, ice baby! Ice is perfect for calming irritated skin as it increases circulation and brightens your complexion. Massage an ice cube onto your skin to reduce swelling – it feels great too! For a miniature facial, use your ice cube tray to make milk ice cubes. The lactic acid in milk helps slough away dead skin cells, revealing gorgeous glowing skin underneath! We also love these Anne Semonin Express Radiance Ice Cubes, $65, for face and eyes, which are blended with detoxifying ingredients and marine spring water to help depuff, detoxify, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, and brighten the complexion. If you’re really brave, try an ice facial, aka the secret of the Victoria’s Secret model’s stunning skin!

4. Drink H2O

Whether you’ve had a late night or not, you should always make sure you’re hydrated: one of the three essential rules of good skin, according to expert Dr. Frank Lipman. Drinking water is vital to your overall health, not just your skin’s health. After a late night of dancing and sweating, it’s very likely that your body is suffering from dehydration. Make sure you’re replenishing your body with plenty of water before, during, and after your night out!

4. Eat Dark Chocolate

Yaaaaasss! There’s nothing better than when our fav treats are actually good for us. Dark chocolate is packed with protecting antioxidants that can help defend and detox your body, while it can also improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, AND it’s really good for your heart – as if we needed more reasons to love chocolate. Go for the darkest chocolate you can find and get munching!

5. Eat Leafy Greens

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Whether it’s in a salad or a smoothie, it’s vital that you eat your greens (and reds, yellows, and oranges). Green vegetables are especially high in fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, and in general, fruits and vegetables contain unbeatable vitamins that your body loses from a lack of sleep, but that it needs to function properly. After all, a happy body = happy skin!

6. Aloe Vera Juice

For an all-around skin-saver, say hello to aloe! Aloe vera juice is an antioxidant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory – so it’s pretty much the ultimate stomach-to-skin soother. Drink a glass of pure aloe vera juice to cleanse your skin from the inside out, give your body a natural energy boost, and kick any lingering bacteria to the curb. If you suffer from fatigue, drink a glass every day to reap the never-ending benefits!

For a quick fix for glowing skin, check out our fav new $8 jelly sheet mask, which gives an instant glow in minutes! Let us know if you’ve tried any of these tricks in the comments below.