6 Weird AF Beauty Tools You Never Knew You Needed  


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Gone are the days when the weirdest beauty contraption sold was an eyelash curler or an epilator. Today product shelves are riddled with some bizarre-looking contraptions that do everything from steaming and pimple-zapping to massaging and beyond. There’s a lot of great stuff out there, but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between what’s worth it and what’s best left alone. To help you out, below we’ve showcased six really weird looking beauty tools that actually deliver. 

1. Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager, $12

Beauty ToolsSource: Amazon

The idea of massaging your face with a vibrating device may seem strange, but this T-shaped Beauty Bar is a skincare game-changer. (You don’t have to take our word for it, though – read the comments!) The micro-vibrations help stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which can reduce puffiness, improve firmness, and contribute to a more vibrant complexion overall. It can also help improve how well your products are absorbed into your skin.

2. Mount Lai Massaging Jade Textured Facial Roller, $34

Beauty ToolsSource: Mount Lai

If you have yet to finally try a jade roller – a tool that’s been used for centuries in Asian cultures – the time is now. “Jade rollers can reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, and assist in lymphatic drainage. I personally love jade rollers and keep my roller clean and refrigerated at all times,” says Dr. Michele Green, a board-certified dermatologist. “The design of the roller and the coldness from refrigeration works wonders in reducing puffiness – especially under the eyes.” She says to use it in a gentle, upward motion from your neck to your forehead after applying your fave treatment serum. The only people who should avoid this tool are those with rosacea.

3. Olivia Garden Brush Cleaner, $14

Beauty ToolsSource: Ulta

You know how hairbrushes accumulate a ton of strands, product residue, and otherwise unpleasant gunk? Girl, you don’t have to live that “hiding my hairbrush in shame” kind of life. With two different cleaning ends, this funky looking tool can be used on any type of hairbrush. You don’t know until you try it, but you will really value this clever gadget!

4. Cat Eyeliner Stencil, $5

Beauty ToolsSource: Amazon

Can we pause for a sec to acknowledge how damn adorable these eyeliner stencils are? The fact that they actually improve your eyeliner game is not to be dismissed, either. “Say goodbye to the days of struggling for hours to try and create that perfect cat-eye. This stencil is about to make your life a whole lot easier,” says Brianna Delesparra, a makeup artist and aesthetician. “I was very skeptical about it at first, but then one day I decided to give it a try and I wish I would’ve discovered it sooner. I love that it’s tiny, portable, and so easy to use.” She explains that there are different numbers along the stencil and up to 10 different outlines you can use to create different types of cat eyes. It’s easy enough for anyone to follow, whether you are a pro MUA or a beginner.

5. Sephora Collection Refresh and Prep Lip Scrubber, $8

Beauty ToolsSource: Sephora

No face is complete without a lip, and just like you want a perfect base for your face makeup you also need a prepped canvas for lipstick. This double-sided silicone lip scrubber by Sephora is pretty straightforward, but still a key step in your beauty routine. All you need to do is apply your choice lip balm or oil, then massage the product into your lips with the thin bristles. Next, use the round bumps on the other said to massage your lips and further stimulate blood flow. Be prepared for incredibly smooth lips!

6. Skin Gym Online Only Rose Quartz Gua Sha Crystal Beauty Tool, $32

Beauty ToolsSource: Skin Gym

The gua sha hype is real, you guys. “This ancient healing technique has been used for a wide range of healing injuries, pain, and even for the treatment of scars. It works to tone, tighten, sculpt, and lift the face by relaxing muscle tension in the face, relieving stress, and boosts blood flow and circulation,” says Delesparra. “I recently started using the Gua Sha Stone and have implemented it into my nighttime routine for about 10 minutes before I go to bed each night. I can confidently say that after being trained and using the stone consistently for weeks now, my facial structure, jawline, under-eyes, cheekbones, overall texture and complexion of my skin has changed for the better.” The only thing is that it’s super important to know how to use the tool in order to prevent discomfort, bruising, and even headaches. Check out our expert’s guide to doing Gua Sha at home.