6 Weird Nighttime Beauty Rituals Celebs Do Daily


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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the importance of self-care. And while self-care means something a little different to everyone, for many people (us included) it manifests itself into a lengthy nighttime routine to help us release the stresses of the day and show our skin some love before hitting snooze. As a result, we’re always on the lookout for weird and wonderful techniques to amp up our skincare and self-care routine and these six celebs have some seriously beneficial tips. From Alicia Key’s nightly ritual to expel negative energy to Kourtney Kardashian’s sleep-enhancing tea, and Halima Aden’s DIY secrets, here are six nighttime beauty rituals you could learn from…

1. Alicia Keys’ Nightly Self-Care Ritual

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As you’d expect from goddess Alicia Keys, her nighttime routine is very holistic and focuses on self-care as well as skincare – a gal after our own heart! So, before she even washes her face, she begins by lighting a candle or burning Palo Santo (which literally translates as ‘holy wood’ and is used as an energy cleanser) to expel any negative energy, while she asks the universe to help her release any stress. She insists, “If you don’t say it, how does the universe hear it? How does it ever change?”

Equally, when it comes to her skincare regimen, she doesn’t come to play! This girl is clearly in the know; she applies a sulfur solution to any pimples – one of the most impactful natural ingredients for combatting pimples. Alicia uses the Advanced Anti-Blemish Lotion, $29, and applies the sulfur sediment to any pimples using a Q-tip. She does admit it smells kinda like farts (nice!) but promises it’s hella worth it.

2. Kourtney Kardashian’s Sleepy Tea and Glow Getting Ritual

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When it comes to topical products, Kourt maximizes her nighttime routine by derma rolling using the Hora X Poosh Derma Roller, $26. A derma roller is a skincare tool that uses teeny tiny needles to puncture the skin, boost skin cell renewal, and encourage absorption of other topical serums. Kourtney’s routine includes the mega hydrating and calming Hora X Poosh Hyaluronic Halo + CBD Serum, $50. We know the idea of derma rolling may seem scary, but the beauty benefits are major! Read more about derma rolling here.

3. Ashley Graham’s Prenatal Beauty Secrets 

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When Ashley Graham was pregnant with her son Isaac, she wasted no time and quickly adapted her everyday beauty routine to meet her prenatal needs. In a Vogue video, she said she immediately dropped any products which featured potent ingredients (like retinol) and focused on more natural formulas. According to Ashley, in an attempt to avoid stretch marks and keep her skin soft and supple, she moisturized her entire body two to three times a day with not one but two formulas – that’s some major commitment. Ashley revealed she used the Mama Glow + Good Medicine Anointed / Love Butter, $49, and the Goddess Glow / Blushing Body Cream, $34. She even kept her feet moisturized with the Sephora Collection Foot Mask, $5.

During the video, Ashely also stresses the importance of upping your iron intake while pregnant, which is why you’ll see her sipping on Iron tea while she does her daily routine. She also takes two or three of the Olly The Essential Prenatal Vitamins, $14, to boost her immune system and deliver essential fatty acids to her body and baby.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Nightly Body Ritual

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The first step to Gwyneth Paltrow’s nightly routine begins before she steps into the shower. According to the Goop Guru, she uses her ride-or-die dry brush every night to exfoliate her body and improve circulation. The good news is Gwyneth uses a surprisingly affordable dry brush – the Goop G.Tox Ultimate Body Dry Brush, $25, which is made from pure, natural sisal to gently buff away dead skin, leaving glowing, smooth skin in its place. Dry brushing is also reputed to help boost circulation and improve the appearance of cellulite when done regularly.

5. Serena Williams’ Go-To Oil

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Serena Williams recently revealed that she’s obsessed with coconut oil – snap! In fact, she uses it every night… Multiple times. She first uses it to remove her makeup by massaging a large dollop into her skin, before wiping away any residue with an exfoliating sponge. Once her makeup is removed, she cleanses once again with coconut oil to wash away impurities, while hydrating and plumping her skin. Then, while she masks, she applies a small amount to soften her lips, while insisting she also uses it on her hair and body throughout the week.

We can totally vouch for Serena on this one as coconut oil is packed with omegas, fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that replenish, hydrate, and restore your skin while protecting against pesky free radicals. However, if you have acne-prone skin, be cautious using it on your face as it can clog pores if you’re prone to it.

Check out 11 weird ways we love to use coconut oil here.

6. Halima Aden’s DIY Faves

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Halima Aden has the most glowing, radiant skin, so we’ll happily take ANY of her skincare advice. Although, she did admit to taking inspiration from Serena’s routine, which encouraged her to cleanse using oils. While Halima doesn’t use coconut oil like Serena, she does use one of our all-time favorite cleansing oils, the Tatcha Pure Step 1 Camellia Cleansing Oil, $50, followed by the Tatcha The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder, $68.

Halima also relies on DIYs throughout her routine and reveals that honey is her go-to whenever her skin’s breaking out as it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Honey is also a powerful anti-inflammatory so it’ll help soothe any inflammation in the skin. Another DIY ingredient she couldn’t live without is aloe vera, in fact, she stashes aloe vera leaves in the fridge, ready to slice open whenever her skin is inflamed or swollen. Last but least, she incorporates fresh turmeric into her beauty regimen, referring to it as “Africa’s best-kept secret”. Check out our fave turmeric DIY here. Although, she does warn not to overdo it with the turmeric, as it can leave a yellow tint on your skin!

Let us know any of your weird and wonderful nighttime rituals in the comments below.

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