$72-Million-Dollar Investment for a Blow Dryer?!


When I first heard about the new Dyson Supersonic Blow Dryer, to be honest, I wasn’t impressed. To me, it looks like a gimmick, and I have a hard time trusting a futuristic, strange, ufo-like product; or something I would imagine like an out-of-this-world, supersonic gun in a movie. So I didn’t buy into the hype… just yet.

When Jen Atkin came into the office, she told me how much technology Dyson invested into this blow dryer. My thoughts were, “okay, they spent $72 million on this product, four years of hair research and 103 engineers were working on a single hair dryer. There’s got to be something good about it.” (there should be!) So I bought it, and yes, I thought it’s expensive, but if it’s really what everyone says it is – I consider it a good investment. Here’s what I thought.

What I love about it:
It is indeed a powerful hair dryer! It just blows super awesome, it sucks all the air in like a vacuum and blows it out in a straight and totally smooth way. (BTW Dyson is initially, and surprisingly, a vacuum manufacturing company so no surprise there that they have the whole air-flow game perfected!) It is absolutely fast drying as well. My usual hair drying session lasts for an hour, but with this one, it can be done within 15 to 20 minutes only. I also love how easy the controls are, anybody can understand it. There are four buttons, one each to turn it on, to make it cool, for intensity and heat preference. I love that the diffusers are magnetic and they go right on easily. And then the length of the cord is 9 feet long…I mean how many times does it happen to you that the cord is too short to reach the mirror?! Other brands just don’t get how important that is. Overall, the way it functions is just impressive. When I tested it, my team were hooked, and we actually took turns using it!! The moment you turn it on, you’ll notice the big difference between the Dyson hair dryer and a classic hair dryer.

What I wish they did:
The major concern for me is the heat. The brand claims it can measure the air temperature 20 times more so it can control the heat and prevent damage. But the hot is just so hot, it seems you will burn yourself when you are not careful. Also, it is agreeably lightweight (a motor in an acorn-like size and total weight of only 1.8 lbs.) and I love that, but I wish it was more lightweight and I wish there’s a smaller, travel version because this is such a powerful tool and I would love to bring it on my travels. I just wish there’s an easier click system for the cleaning filter as well.

Would I recommend it:
I have a bunch of blow dryers, and although I love my classic blow dryers, this one has made me think I’m never gonna use any other blow dryer but this one. (until a better one comes out!) I haven’t used blow dryers for a long time simply because it takes foreverrr, but since I got this, I’ve been blow drying again. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves blow drying at home. It is fast drying, smooth, fights frizz and so easy to use. It is an advanced, futuristic, and revolutionary blow dryer. Like the blow dryer ahead of its time, or the blow dryer of 2020.

Availability: dyson.com