8 Signs You Should Probably Walk Away From A Beauty Establishment


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Whether you’re someone who always has their nails done, loves to get lash extensions, pampers themselves with facials, or dabbles in things like injectables or a little nip/tuck, finding the right person and place for your treatment is super important. The riskier the treatment, the more this rings true, but it applies in every scenario.

From bad online reviews to unhygienic practices to “too good to be true” prices and beyond, we’re sharing the top eight signs you should seek your beauty treatment elsewhere.

1. Prices Seem Unrealistic

Paying less isn’t always a good thing. In lower-risk situations, this turns into a “you get what you pay for” scenario – think bad microblading or a pedi that leaves you wanting. However, in higher-risk situations – where lasers, needles, or knives are involved – this can really put your health in danger. Needless to say, that “$50 lipo” is not a good idea! When in doubt, research costs of the treatment and compare.

2. Reviews Are Awful

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Whether you’re shopping for a new facialist, hair colorist, or plastic surgeon, reading the online reviews is your gateway to the truth about their skills. Make sure to cross-check everywhere, including doctor review boards, RealSelf, Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

3. Before & After Images Seem Off  

Reviewing before and after images is another way to quickly learn a lot about your potential beauty provider. After all, this is their portfolio of work, and it will speak volumes about their expertise and personal style. If the pictures seem photoshopped, filtered, show subpar work, or don’t demonstrate the type of result you’re after (e.g., subtle vs. dramatic lip injections or chunky highlights versus balayage), it’s better to look elsewhere.

4. The Doctor’s Doing Work Outside of Their Credentials

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Dr. Troy Pittman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Washington, D.C., says to always double-check your doctor’s credentials. “One of the most dangerous things is when patients think they are going to a ‘plastic surgeon’ when in fact they are having surgery with a doctor who studied a different area of medicine, such as gynecology,” he says. This pitfall can easily be avoided by researching your doctor to make sure they’re board-certified.

5. The Facility Only Specializes in One Type of Treatment

On the other hand, be mindful of a clinic that offers only one type of treatment with one type of device. While it’s not bad to super-specialize in something, there’s the potential of receiving a treatment that won’t meet your specific goals.

“For example, a lot of places carry only one type of device. They paid a lot of money for that device, so they need to book a lot of cases in order to pay it off,” says Dr. Yoonah Kim, board-certified plastic surgeon and co-owner of Bloom Med Spa. “So whatever problem you come in for, they [may] try to solve it with that one device regardless of whether that is the best treatment option for you or not.”

6. Things Look and Feel Dirty

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If the inside of the establishment seems like it hasn’t been cleaned for a while, it’s time to walk away. Even the most innocuous-seeming treatments – like a facial, manicure, or haircut – should be done in rigorously clean surroundings.

7. You Don’t Vibe

You’re about to throw down your cash – cash that you worked hard to earn. It is totally within your right to walk away from a beauty clinic, spa, or salon if you’re just not feeling it. This is true whether you’re seeking an amazing manicurist, massage therapist, surgeon, or beyond.

Finding that perfect fit is so worth the search, even if it takes you some time to land on a winner. Also, you totally have permission to walk away from someone you’ve been seeing a while whose work you’ve been unhappy with.

8. Your Gut Tells You to Walk Away

If you’re not feeling it for whatever reason, that’s a sign to saunter elsewhere. Again, it’s your money and body, and you should feel confident spending your dollars. Follow your instincts!

What sort of qualities do you look for when shopping for a beauty service? Let’s chat in the comments below.