9 Creepy AF Halloween Tutorials You Only Need Your Makeup Bag For


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Halloween is huge at HB HQ, we go ALL out, and this year is no different! But let’s be honest, although we love the idea of getting all dressed up, the thought of spending a ton of money on an outfit we will most likely never where again is a little depressing (especially when we have a long list of beauty products sitting in our shopping baskets). So, we’ve put together nine seriously scary Halloween looks to inspire you, and all you’ll need is a little (or a lot of) makeup and a bit of determination…

Queen of the Dead

Sometimes you want to look like you made an effort to be creepy, but you also don’t want to completely terrify the hottie at work, this is probably your best solution!
Skill level: You finally get along with false lashes.

Shimmering Egyptian Queen

If you’d rather slay than make people afraid, then this Cleopatra tutorial is for you. We’re just wondering if it would be possible to pull this look off on the daily?
Skill level: You’re familiar with a cut crease, and your willpower to slay knows no bounds.

Intense Ripped Skin Demon Look

If you’re really looking to freak people out, get your red-toned palette out and be ready to paint! This Demon look by Nikkie Tutorials is giving us major creeps.
Skill level: You have contouring down to a fine art and a lot of time on your hands.

Easy Werewolf Look

We’re not sure how, but somehow, this look almost makes facial hair look sexy?! Another added bonus, if you already have a little facial hair, you can really make this work for you 😉
Skill level: You’ve been wearing lipstick for years, and you own black eyeliner.

Neon Skull

If you ever wondered what a skeleton x 21st century looked like, this is it. We love James Charles’ refreshing take on the classic skull.
Skill level: You know which brushes will blend out your eyeshadow best.

Classic Sexy Cat

Let’s be real, Halloween just isn’t for some of us, and that’s why the geniuses from a long time ago decided that whiskers and a cat eye were a fitting Halloween costume. A cat is, after all, a witch’s sidekick.
Skill level: You’ve attempted, and sort of successfully achieved cat liner in the past.

Clown Skull with a Twist

Last-minute Halloween invite? This is your answer to getting in the spirit in fifteen minutes.
Skill level: You’ve mastered mascara for years.

Twilight Inspired Vampire

Twilight may have been around for a while, but you can still channel your inner Bella (you can pretend Edward bit you) and look both creepy and kind of cute at the same time. Plus, it’s a great excuse to rock your black lipstick.
Skill level: You’ve applied makeup before, and it didn’t look terrible.

Super Easy Scarecrow

When your friends are all planning to go cute, and Dorothy is their look de jour for Halloween, then be their scary sidekick as this scarecrow *A straw hat is an essential!
Skill level: You’ve been into your local beauty store.