9 Perfume Hacks That'll Make You Smell Gorgeous ALL Day


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Did you know that if you apply your fragrance onto your wrists and rub them together, you’re actually applying your perfume incorrectly? This is only one of the countless mistakes people make when applying perfume, as it can alter the scent of your fragrance and impact its longevity. To ensure you don’t waste a drop of perfume, here are nine hacks that’ll help your fragrance last, and keep you smelling hella fresh all day long. And for the record, just spray your fragrance and let it sink on your skin – whatever you do, DON’T RUB.

Here’s a quick debrief on the basics…

When it comes to fragrance, one of the most important things to note (no pun intended) is the layers and notes of each scent. Usually, every fragrance contains three notes, a top note, which is the first fragrance you smell (this disappears after 20 minutes), an intense middle note (known as the heart note), which becomes noticeable after 15 minutes, and a base note (the strongest scent) that lingers for up to four to eight hours depending on the quality of your fragrance. Of course, this is all dependant on whether you follow any of these helpful hacks:

1. Moisturize First

Fragrances last longer when they’re applied to damp, well-hydrated skin, so make sure your skin is prepped and moisturized before you douse yourself in perfume. Always apply an unscented lotion, otherwise, the lotion may mix with the notes of your perfume and alter the scent.

2. Know Where to Spritz

If you apply your perfume to warmer areas of the body, it’ll be more intense and remain fragrant for longer. More specifically, apply it to your pulse points – where the blood vessels are at the surface of your skin (your wrists, elbows, neck, chest, the back of the knees, ankles, and calves). Your pressure points naturally radiate heat, helping the fragrance waft from your skin.

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3. Apply Vaseline to Your Pressure Points

As we mentioned, perfume lasts longer when applied to oily, damp skin, so rub some Vaseline onto your pulse points to lock in the scent.

4. The Lighter the Scent, the Less it Lingers

Lighter, aromatic scents like citrus or jasmine will evaporate faster as they have a smaller molecular structure, whereas scents like wood and musk will linger longer on your skin. Be mindful of this when you’re purchasing a new scent as the likelihood is you’ll go through bottles of lighter, aromatic fragrances more quickly.

5. Apply Perfume After You Shower

If you apply your perfume to your body when it’s still damp, the moisture will trap the scent so it’ll last longer – plus you won’t stain any of your clothes with potential spray marks!

6. Spritz Your Hairbrush

Your hair retains fragrance for longer than your skin, which is why you should invest in a hair mist or try our trusted hack. Whatever you do, avoid spraying perfume directly onto your tresses as the alcohol content can dry out your hair strands. Instead, spritz your brush with two or three bursts of perfume before brushing it through your locks. This will disperse the scent evenly through your hair and minimize damage caused by the alcohol content within your perfume.

In general, we’d always recommend a hair mist, as they’ll not only keep you smelling great for longer, they often have healthy-hair benefits. Take our KAYALI Hair Mist Déjà vu White Flower | 57, $40, as a perfect example. The non-drying, alcohol-free formula is infused with hydrating camellia oil, aloe vera, and nourishing castor oil to add shine and hydrate the hair while adding the delicious scent of jasmine, tuberose, and gardenia.

7. Make Your Own Scented Lotion

To create your own signature moisturizer, add a couple of drops of your fave perfume into an unscented lotion and shake well. You’ll basically create the scented lotion equivalent of your fave fragrance, but for a fraction of the cost – it’s a total bargain! Plus, it’s the ideal lotion to apply before you spritz, for long-lasting sweetness.

8. Scented Décor Hack

We’re obsessed with this super easy hack, and it’s such a cute way to add a soft fragrance to your clothes. Simply spray tissue paper with your fave scent and use it to line your drawers. It’ll make your clothes smell great, and you’ll be remembered for your signature scent everywhere you go!

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9. Store Your Fragrance in a Cool, Dark Place

Heat and dampness can alter the molecular structure of your perfume, thereby damaging the quality of your fragrance. This is why it’s SO important to keep your fragrances out of your bathroom and away from direct sunlight. Instead, stash them safely in the box or a cool dark place.

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