How To Look Like A 90s Supermodel (In 10 Minutes)


90s makeup tutorial

Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schieffer, Elle McPherson – I was obsessed with these supermodels in the 90s, I’m obsessed now, and I probably always will be! The 90s is my jam; from the retro sunglasses, the Clueless-style outfits, the sexy brown lipsticks, and the iconic 90s supermodel look, I love it all. So, I wanted to pay respect to these bombshells and show you guys how to create that sexy, 90s makeup look in literally 10 minutes flat – it’s so easy.

I love the era so much we actually created an entire collection of stunning brown matte lipsticks dedicated to the 90s; The Power Bullet Matte Lipstick Throwbacks Collection. It was practically my childhood dream to be a 90s supermodel, so for our Throwbacks lipstick collection, my sister Mona and I transformed ourselves into Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer, and it was SO much fun.

90s supermodel makeup

Check out how I did my Cindy Crawford makeup look; it’s actually crazy simple! All it takes is a smokey eye, strong arched brow and of course, the matte brown lip!

How to transform yourself into a 90s supermodel:

90s makeup

Step 1: The Ultimate 90s Complexion 

If there’s one complexion rule you need to follow, it’s keep everything matte; then everything else is relatively simple and super quick. Start by applying foundation, then mattify it by setting it with a loose setting powder… Everywhere! You don’t need to worry about the angle of your contour because the only real contour you need is with a matte bronzer (obvs) across your cheeks – leave your forehead and the rest of your face alone; the 90s was a time before contouring! Finally, choose an orangey, pink-toned blush, and apply it wherever you applied your contour. It pains me to say it, but to keep it true to the 90s, skip the highlighter completely.

Step 2: The Signature 90s Eye

The classic 90s eye makeup was smokey, sultry, and hella-sexy! But again, very simple. Start by finding a matte brown eyeshadow and pack it onto the lid to create a soft haze. To open up the eye, apply a lighter-toned shade in the middle of the lid. Next, outline the outer corner of the upper lid using a black pencil liner and smudge it out with a densely packed brush. Finish by using a white or nude liner (nude looks more natural) along the waterline of your lower lash line – this was soooo popular in the 90s. Forget the false lashes, instead, pile on the mascara and keep layering it up for full 90s glam!

90s makeup

Step 3: The Early 90s Brow

While a lot of people associate skinny brows with the 90s, it was actually the late 90s that the non-existent brow started trending. The early 90s were still influenced by the 80s boy brow, so it was a little bushier – thank God! The key to the 90s supermodel brow was a high, triangular arch. So try to play with your natural brow shape and emphasize the arch by using a deeper shade at the top and tail end of your brows.

Step 4: The Iconic 90s Lip

Now onto the most important step – the brown matte lip – it pulls the entire look together and it’s probably my fave part of the look. I also love that in the 90s no one was afraid to overline their lips. The 90s makeup trend was to have super symmetrical-looking lips, so the top and bottom lips would be of equal size. Start by overlining your lips with a long-lasting lip pencil (I always use our Huda Beauty Lip Contour, $19) and draw just slightly over your natural lip line, trying to make the width of your lips as similar as possible.

Finish by applying a brown matte lipstick (I’m obsessed with the Power Bullet Matte Lipstick Throwbacks Collection for this look), and make sure you blend out the liners to create the iconic soft gradient. I used our Lip Contour in Spice Girl and our Power Bullet Matte Lipstick in Board Meeting. Finish by using a flat brush and a little concealer to neaten up the edges – the 90s lip look was super defined! Et voila, hello Cindy.

90s Supermodel Challenge!!

Do you guys love 90s makeup as much as me? Join the challenge: I want to see you guys create your favorite 90s supermodel look! Share it on your YouTube or Instagram with #90supermodel so we can see it! I can’t wait to see all your looks and I hope you guys have as much fun recreating your 90s look as I did with mine.

Let us know your fave 90s supermodel or share the links to your 90s makeover in the comments below!