A Celeb Skincare Expert Reveals The Craziest Celeb Treatments


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Whenever there’s a red-carpet event, like us, you’re probably wondering how it is that celebs manage to look so damn flawless! Not only do they look perfectly chiseled, but those snatched jawlines and glowing complexions – WOW. We got the DL from Hollywood’s most popular celebrity skincare expert, Nurse Jamie, to see what insane facials celebs are doing to perfect their skin before a big event.

Platinum Caviar Facial Treatment – Fav treatment of the Kardashians

It doesn’t get much more boujee than smothering your face in caviar, but we’re not just talking caviar; the expensive facial ingredient is combined with platinum and the most innovative facial elixirs.

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What it is: The Platinum Caviar Facial begins with a deep facial cleanse, followed by a pore-opening platinum-infused, fragrant Damascena rose and sandalwood oil-based luxury EGF Platinum 3 restorative facial elixir. Your skin will already feel amazing, and the caviar is still on ice! Fresh caviar is then mixed with Nurse Jamie’s EGF Platinum 7 rejuvenating facial cream, a proprietary nutrient-rich blend of sumptuous plant extracts fortified with precious platinum and 24-karat gold, which is applied as a mask.

Why caviar? Caviar is rich in omega-3, which is an amazing ingredient for brightening the face and keeping wrinkles at bay, as it activates skin cells to produce collagen, which firms and plumps the skin. The antioxidants in caviar also help soften fine lines on the skin. These properties make caviar a great moisturizing and anti-aging ingredient, especially when paired with Nurse Jamie’s Platinum products.

Results: After removing the mask, your worry lines and age spots will be visibly reduced, and your skin will be glowing and incredibly smooth.

The Hollywood Mummy Treatment – “Practically all my celeb clients have tried this!”

This is not just for mammas who want to look more youthful, this is a mummification process to ensure gorgeous skin for anyone. The technology, which originated in Japan, has been used in the US for over 50 years and is actually used to heat the incubators of newborn babies.

What it is: An infrared sauna that helps improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne scarring, and it can even help to reduce acne. By wrapping the body in plastic sheeting and then covering it in an infrared case, the treatment will burn calories and relieve pain – you could expect to lose a couple of inches with this treatment! Afterwards, the treatment is completed with a cooling boost of  C02 to soothe the skin.

What it does: Watch the amazing results for yourself!

The Ice Queen Treatment – Fav of Lea Michelle and Molly Sims

This non-invasive treatment uses cryogenic therapy (totally painless, just a little chilly!) to cool the skin and improve circulation. It’s basically liquid nitrogen to cool the skin to sub-zero temperatures.

What it does: The collagen-producing Cryo Facial decreases wrinkles and lines, reduces pore size and brightens dark spots. Its goal is to decrease cell growth and reproduction, increase cellular survival, decrease inflammation, promote the constriction of blood vessels, and give you a brighter, healthier complexion. This treatment is combined with Nurse Jamie Skincare products like the Neck & Décolleté Wraps with EGF Botanical Complex to get rid of sleep lines on the neck and decollete. It’s the ultimate strapless gown prep.

How it works: The cooling causes the skin to contract and accelerates microcirculation to support the oxygenation of skin cells, which encourages collagen and helps to rejuvenate the skin.

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