Under $20 Beauty Heroes That Deliver On All Their Promises

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What’s your ride-or-die beauty product? This may surprise you, but as beauty editors, ours are simple drugstore finds. Even though they don’t cost a lotta $$$, these formulas are extra-special because they ALWAYS keep our beauty game in check – a tricky task when testing formulas daily like us! Without further ado, here are the drugstore beauty formulas that need no introduction.

1. Vaseline Original Unscented Petroleum Jelly, $2

1-Vaseline-Original-Unscented-Petroleum-JellySource: Vaseline

AKA: The slugging savior

Why we love it: Literally, no one on planet earth can convince us to throw away these lil’ tubbies of 100% triple-purified petroleum jelly. Aaaand if they try, we’d list her head-to-toe beauty perks: a) protects lips from chapping, b) nourishes dry cuticles, c) makes perfumes last longer, d) works as a DIY brow gel AND clear mascara, to convince them otherwise. #Lawyered. Did we mention it’s also a necessity for one of our fave skincare hacks, AKA slugging?

2. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, $13

2-Bio-Oil-Skincare-OilSource: Bio-Oil

AKA: The skin-softening hero

Why we love it: Bio-Oil’s collagen-boosting body oil doesn’t just keep your skin feeling baby-soft. It even softens the appearance of scars and stretch marks over time, thanks to vitamins A, E, and plant-based oils like chamomile, sunflower, and lavender. In short, she’s an affordable G.

3. Batiste Original Dry Shampoo – Clean & Classic, $19

3-Batiste-Original-Dry-Shampoo-Clean-&-ClassicSource: Batiste

AKA: The no-wash-day champion

Why we love it: Of all the dry shampoos we’ve tried and tested, nothing stands out like Batiste’s waterless and keratin-infused formula. It soaks up alllll the excess dirt and oils on our scalps, and that haven’t-washed-my-hair feeling almost instantly. The lavender-scented bottle even blesses our tresses with extra volume and texture #grateful.

4. e.l.f. Cosmetics 16HR Camo Concealer, $7

4-e.l.f.-Cosmetics-16HR-Camo-ConcealerSource: e.l.f. Cosmetics

AKA: The cover-it-all concealer

Why we love it: This high-coverage cutie conceals everything from dark circles to blemishes with a 16-hour matte finish. It even contains moisturizing avocado oil and kaolin clay that keeps midday shine at bay – how’s that for a budget buy? Pro tip: make the most of their 23-shade line by using lighter/deeper shades to contour/highlight your complexion.

5. Lucas Papaw Ointment, $9

5-Lucas-Papaw-OintmentSource: Lucas Papaw

AKA: The do-it-all ointment

Why we love it: You (probably) have this cure-all salve stashed away in your medicine cabinet, but did you know it’s brimming with beauty benefits? Its antioxidant-rich hero ingredient, pawpaw (pure Australian papaya), is anti-inflammatory and helps soothe everything from chapped lips, dry skin, and chaffing thighs to itchy af mosquito bites – even painful pimples! Plus, the tube size makes it ideal for on-the-go relief.

These drugstore beauty brands deserve some serious hype too too!

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