Airbrush Any Foundation With This Drugstore Beauty Dupe

product review

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We all know there’s more to airbrushed-looking skin than a bomb foundation. Of course, that helps, but there’s one tool in particular that will help you slay in seconds… The answer is our favorite squishy pink egg, the beautyblender. If you haven’t tried one, it’s a gift from the beauty gods that allows you to airbrush your foundation in just a few quick bounces. Alas, it costs $20 and considering they need to be thrown away every few months, that works out to be a pretty expensive makeup sponge – $80 for a year’s supply, ouch! Income the best dupe I’ve tried to date, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, $11 for two. Created by beauty blogging legends Sam and Nic Chapman, aka Pixiwoo, their amazing makeup sponges are a super affordable alternative for makeup blending.

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I’ve been a firm fan of the beautyblender ever since it came out; it revolutionized beauty sponges. This slightly larger, denser foam technology sponge by Real Techniques is the next best thing on the market. Plus, at half the price for two, it doesn’t make us want to cry every time we have to get rid of it. I also LOVE that it has a flat edge, which works perfectly for contouring around the eye and nose, or for baking with powder under your cheekbones. Like the beautyblender, this dupe still has a pointed end for applying concealer and rounded edges for blending foundation flawlessly over the large areas of your face. It also means if you’re traveling, you can use one sponge quickly and easily by using one edge with powders for baking and the other with foundation and creams. I love to apply foundation using my fingers or a brush and then use this sponge (damp) as the final step for a completely smooth, cake-free finish – it absorbs any excess product, so no matter what your foundation, this sponge is guaranteed to perfect the finish.