An Expert's Guide To Crystal Healing & How To Find YOUR Crystal


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Crystal healing has been slowly infiltrating our beauty routine for the last few years. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly spiritual, let’s be real, who hasn’t invested in a cute rose quartz roller in the past year?… I mean, hello quarantine?!?

But the real question is: how many of us have actually explored the specifics of crystal healing or explored the crystal world deeper? If, like us, you’re intrigued to know more, then grab a cup of herbal tea and read the wise words of internationally-renowned seeress, healer, and shaman, Mama Medicine, AKA Deborah Hanekamp. She filled us in on everything to do with crystals, from how to connect with your crystals to the amazing mind, body, and skin benefits.

What is Crystal Healing?

According to Deborah, crystal healing is simply “taking a moment to connect to the way the minerals of earth calm our senses and restore our spirits, and saying thank you to the way the earth holds and supports us.” This can involve holding a specific crystal, using it within part of your meditation or skincare practice, or bathing in water with crystals submerged in the water.

How Do You Connect With Crystals?

Connecting to crystals may be easier than you think. In fact, Deborah says that YOU are a crystal, “The minerals in your blood and bones actually have their own crystalline structures and elements. So just by connecting to yourself, you can tap into the power of crystal healing.”

She explains, “This is why when we hold crystals, we can have a pulsing sensation of groundedness, and this feeling of being grounded can be equated to feeling confident, which I feel is the number one quality in helping us feel calm.”

Can Crystals Enhance Your Beauty Routine?

When it comes to reaping the benefits of crystal healing and focusing their efforts on your glow game, Deborah insists that “Great skin comes from a sense of confidence and calm strength, we understand that just like the earth we are always shifting, changing, growing, and evolving.” She believes that using crystal healing as a form of self-acceptance is where the power lies, “If a blemish or a line comes up we know that; this too shall pass. Spending time placing crystals on our skin or bodies can help remind us of the power of nature that we are.”

There are also specific crystals that possess skin-healing properties, and Deborah says that “crystals that you find yourself in nature” are the most beneficial. For example, she says, “the pink smooth rose quartz pebble, which you find by the ocean, is the perfect application tool for your skin oils.” If you aren’t able to find one, there are many beauty tools made with rose quartz. We created our WISHFUL Rose Quartz Depuffing & Sculpting Roller, $37, with rose quartz as it’s known to help release negative energy and toxins from the skin.

Deborah also adds that “The clay you find under a waterfall can be the best detoxifying mask.” Look for natural clays like bentonite clay and kaolin clay, as these will help draw out toxins and excess oil from your pores. If that’s somewhat out of limits (luck you if it’s not), Deborah suggests “simply stepping outside in a wild place and breathing the cool, clean minerals of fresh air into your lungs will help you connect to crystalline energy and be your own skin healer.”

Regardless of which crystal you choose, Deborah reminds us that “when collecting minerals from the earth, it’s so important to remember to say thank you! Gratitude makes us glow.” She continues, “If it’s good for the earth, it’s going to be good for us; if it destroys the earth’s natural beauty, it will destroy ours too.” She insists that it’s super important to “Know where and how your crystals are sourced from.”

What Are the Best Crystals for Self-Love and Fulfillment?

Self-love and self-care have become an essential element of our beauty routine, so naturally, we wanted to DL on the best crystals for self-love. However, instead of using a specific crystal, Deborah suggests, “Whenever you’re feeling insecure, place your hands on your brilliant body and say, “I am nature, and I belong here” then notice how you feel.” She also insisted that using crystals that have found their way into your life will help you feel most fulfilled. “Second to you are the special crystals that you have found yourself in nature, and third would be the crystals that friends have given you as a gift, a reminder of the magic and beauty they see in you.”

How Can You Incorporate Crystals into your Daily Routine?

“Taking a few moments in the morning to lay down with your crystals on or around you, or placing your non-water-soluble crystals in a healing ritual bath can bring forth a lot of presence and peace so you can move through your life with confidence, trust, and a sense of feeling at home wherever you are.” We recently tried a crystal healing bath, and it was a total game-changer – we felt so relaxed and yet energized. Don’t forget to light some candles to set the vibe.

Deborah’s Top Three Tips for Crystal Newbies!


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If you’re new to the crystal game but are excited or intrigued by its possibilities, Deborah says there are three things you should always keep in mind:

1. Let your crystals find you: “We have to remember that we all have our own intuitive language and when we read someone else’s interpretation of the healing properties that a crystal has, it’s either filtered through their intuitive language or something they read somewhere and then are reframing in their own words. The crystals that are meant for us will always find us, whether as a gift or whether it finds you in a store. Let the crystal tell you how it wants to work with you, heal you, and be a friend.”

2. Less is more: “Allowing your crystal collection to build up over the course of many years will feel very special. Certain crystals are meant to work with us for a certain amount of time, while other crystals are meant to be our forever crystals.  Remember that you can give your friends crystals as well. Let them move on and continue their healing work with those who you love. Besides, who doesn’t love receiving a crystal as a gift?”

3. Take Time with your Stones: “While the colors and shapes of crystals can make them beautiful decorative pieces, remember that each crystal carries its own unique energy from the place on earth that it was sourced. Taking time to hold, meditate with, or massage your skin with a crystal can be extremely informative as to that specific crystal’s healing properties. I also feel that this is a way to show respect not only for the crystal but also the place on earth it comes from, and there’s no energy more beautiful than the love that flows from that beautiful infinity knot of generosity and gratitude!”

To learn more, check out Mama Medicine’s online course: Skin Secrets.