WHAT... The Kardashians' Hairstylist Has A $14 Haircare Line?!

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Same, Khloé.

Finding an affordable stylist-owned beauty brand is rare, so we thank our lucky stars for Andrew Fitzsimons Hair. Launched by none other than Andrew Fitzsimons, this collection has styled some of the most famous strands in Hollywood. Think: the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Megan Fox, and Shay Mitchell. As well as being tried and tested on a celeb clientele, the ENTIRE collection – from shampoos to conditioners, serums to masks – is priced at just $14. See why we’re hyped?

The 101 on Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

Andrew Fitzsimons Hair prioritizes performance over price. As a celeb hairstylist, Fitzsimons used his resources, contacts, and top-tier stylin’ eye to create his namesake haircare brand. The only requirement? It HAD to be affordable. Check! Fast forward to today, his $14 haircare line offers 26 products that cater to different hair types, textures, and red carpet necessities.

Speaking of red-carpet necessities, Fitzsimons works with all kinds of hair types and textures. Naturally, he split his line into six mix-and-match categories making it easier to shop and grab on the go…

  1. Virgin Repair: A ceramide-fueled collection that repairs and protects hair from breakage.
  2. Fantasy Curls: A curl-led range that strengthens brittle coils with amino acids while pro-keratin adds definition and bounce.
  3. Body Volume: Caffeine-infused products that make thin-to-fine hair appear fuller.
  4. Amethyst Blonde: Purple formulas that balance brassy and yellow tones for blonde and highlighted hair.
  5. Prism Shine: Hyaluronic acid-based products for MAX glossiness.
  6. Styling: (drum roll) THE styling products used on every celeb you know and love.

Besides being vegan and cruelty-free, his entire collection contains a protein-based complex called AF Bonding System, which strengthens hair from the inside out. It infuses powerful (but tiny) hydrogen and ionic bonds into each strand, so you never have to worry about splitsies or damage. BRB, sending him a thank you note.

Fun fact: On the back of each product, you’ll find an itty-bitty note that dedicates his entire collection to the women who raised and supported him. Now THAT’s love.

Meet our Fave Andrew Fitzsimons Hair Products:

1. For Stronger Tresses: AF1 Restructuring 10-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner, $14

4-Andrew-Fitzsimons-AF1-Restructuring-Leave-In-ConditionerSource: Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

Powered by the brand’s Bonding Technology, this lightweight conditioning treatment is a protein pick-me-up for all hair types. Infused with passion fruit oil, it adds shine back into damaged tresses, while castor oil stimulates hair growth. Apply a few pumps to wet or dry hair to help detangle, smooth, and minimize unwanted frizz.

2. For Curly Crowns: Fantasy Curls Nourishing Shampoo, $14, and Fantasy Curls Nourishing Conditioner, $14

2-Andrew-Fitzsimons-Fantasy-CurlsSource: Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

This washday duo, infused with jojoba oil, hydrates dull curls by locking moisture into every strand. The shampoo wraps your coils in strengthening amino acids, as castor oil encourages new hair growth while softening your curls for easy detangling.

3. For Fine Tresses: Body Volume Boosting Shampoo, $14, and Body Volume Boosting Conditioner, $14

1-Andrew-Fitzsimons-Body-VolumeSource: Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

Caffeine – proven to boost hair growth – is the star of this cleansing duo. It helps fine and thin hair look fuller when used together by gently cleansing and adding moisture for a root-to-tip transformation. Say hello to softer, shinier tresses!

4. For Blonde Locks: Amethyst Blonde Purple Brass Toning Mask Treatment with Shea, $14

6-AMETHYST-BLONDE-Purple-Brass-Toning-Mask-Treatment-with-SheaSource: Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

Fact: blonde, silver, or highlighted manes need extra TLC to stay happy and healthy. Enter: this buttery treatment. Alongside trusty violet pigments, the shea-infused formula packs on moisture while neutralizing yellow and brassy tones for a vibrant, healthy finish.

5. For A Glossy Finish: Prism Shine Invisible Shine Hair Spray, $14

5-PRISM-SHINE-Invisible-Shine-Hair-SpraySource: Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

If glossy hair feels out of reach right now (hello, winter dryness), keep this aerosol can at arm’s length. The non-greasy, non-sticky formula delivers a high level of shine while protecting from UV damage as avocado oil strengthens.

6. For Salon-Worthy Stylin’: Discreet AF Dry Shampoo, $14

3-Andrew-Fitzsimons-Discreet-AF-Dry-ShampooSource: Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

Spritz on #NoWashDays to instantly absorb excess oils and sweat, no matter your hair texture. She’s genuinely #Discreet, so you won’t find excess product peeking through your roots, but you will smell diiiivine citrus, floral, and woody fragrance notes long after.

BTW here are some more drugstore dry shampoos to try.

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