This Angelina Jolie Lip Filler Technique Gives The Sexiest Results

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Without a doubt, Angelina Jolie has the most recognizable lips in the world; voluptuous, full, and with her trademark line down the center of her lower lip, they’re undeniably sexy. Literally, every waxwork of Angelina Jolie has that signature line down the center of her beautifully balanced lips.

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It’s so unique and sexy that California-based Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr.Kay, has developed an ‘Angelina Jolie Lip Cleavage’ technique that she says “Stems from my patients frequently coming to me in search of  a way to achieve the same pout that actress Angelina Jolie is globally recognized for!” As soon as we saw the technique on her Instagram page, we had to find out everything.

The Angelina Jolie Lip Filler Technique


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Dr. Kay’s unique and creative technique helps to create the same fullness as Angelina with her iconic, bitten lip look. Dr. Kay tells us that she uses a suture to create a cleavage in the middle of the lower lip. “Many of my patients request a more defined Cupid’s bow or soft, pillowy lips with a small crease in the lower lip. For the latter, a suture is used to create a small crease in the lower lip as I inject the surrounding areas. This technique has become increasingly popular and allows me to achieve the look of two soft pillows on the lower lip.”


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This incredibly effective technique lasts for around six to 12 months before needing a touch-up. Dr. Kay points out that whenever using lip filler her ultimate goal is to “Achieve increased volume and correct any asymmetry. A key component of beautiful lips is also defining the vermilion border with filler.” She also says that “A reputable injector will always listen to a patient’s goals and work with them to reach those goals without overfilling or compromising harmony with a patient’s features,” which ultimately is key for a natural-looking lip.


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Dr. Kay’s Angelina Jolie Lip technique can be used to add a natural boost to lips, or if preferred, a much fuller look.

The Lip Filler

As well as the clever technique Dr. Kay uses to create the Angelina Jolie lip look, Dr. Kay also emphasizes that the type of filler used is also important, “For the lips, I’ll typically use Juvederm Ultra Plus, Prollenium Versa, or an HA filler like Restylane Silk. If a patient seeks a plump, “juicier” pout, I will most likely steer them in the direction of Juvederm or Versa.”

It’s not just the type of look you want to create either that makes a difference, and Dr. Kay explains that “A patient in her 50s or 60s may be looking to correct fine lines and the appearance of dehydrated lips. In instances where a patient’s concerns are related to aging or only making a subtle change, I might talk to them about a product like Restylane Silk.

The best thing about these fillers is that they can be reversed with hyaluronidase – an enzyme that essentially breaks down hyaluronic acid – if you’re unhappy with your results. Dr. Kay says, “It concerns me to think back to a time when silicon implants and collagen injections were the standard,” but she also stresses that although there are now safer options in the form of hyaluronic acid fillers, “patients should still proceed with caution before booking with someone.” Although fillers can be removed, they can still cause damage to your lips or infection, should the filler not be injected correctly.

Dr. Kay also highlights that it’s “much easier to add filler later than have to dissolve it when a patient is dissatisfied with their outcome. Over the years, I’ve developed a good understanding of fillers and the components that make them ideal for certain areas of the face. I think patients and their injector should work together to make an informed decision that addresses any concerns or desired outcomes.” We couldn’t agree more.

Finally, Dr. Kay makes another important point: “Not every filler is the same and not every patient will have the same goals in mind when it comes to their ideas of beauty,” which is why it’s so important to look for a plastic surgeon who’s aesthetic you like and would like to emulate.

If the thought of filler is too much, then there are ways to fake the Angelina Jolie lip look with makeup and some well-placed lip liner. Check out this Angelina Jolie tutorial.

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