Are Glitter Masks As Good As They Look? We Tried Them All!


Glittered Masks - Elf, Glow Job, Glaw Glow

If there’s one trend that’s here to stay, it’s glitter. So, we had to join the #glittermask bandwagon to find out if glitter masks are as boujee as they look on our Instagram feed. Of course, we couldn’t just try one, we had to try them all – in the name of beauty, obviously! Who else could help you decide which one will give you the most slaying facemask selfie and your skin glow goals?

The thing is, as soon as glitter masks were launched they were greeted with quite a lot of skepticism from skincare fanatics; as good as they look, it is a valid concern that applying tiny plastic stars and glitter may actually irritate your skin, rather than soothe it. The bottom line is: glitter hasn’t actually been approved by the FDA, so you can’t guarantee that it won’t react badly when applied to your skin. However, most dermatologists have agreed that while glitter doesn’t have an actual skincare benefit, it is safe to use. For the record, we didn’t have any bad reactions to these glitter masks!

GLAMGLOW #GlitterMask Gravity Mud Firming Treatment, $69

glitter mask


What it is: A black, holographic firming mask infused with glitter and miniature stars that you peel off to reveal toned, sculpted, glowing skin.

What it promises: GLAMGLOW’s #glittermask promises that in just one use, it’ll help firm your skin making the contours of your face look more defined. Their research even revealed that 90% agreed their skin immediately felt tighter and more toned after using it, which they said is due to the active ingredients such as marshmallow leaf and licorice.

Our verdict: This was super easy to apply and SO satisfying! Once we peeled it off, our skin felt super fresh and really soft. It peeled off so easily and of course, it looked boujee AF. But, although our skin felt lifted and slightly more toned, we can’t say we noticed a sculpting effect – we still needed a little contour for that.

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E.L.F Pore Refining Glitter Peel Off Mask, $8


Source: E.L.F

What it is: A black shimmering peel off extraction mask that combines charcoal and glitter.

What it promises: The charcoal, witch hazel, and lavender formula is designed to remove oil and dirt, reduce the appearance of your pores and give you a soft, glitter-glowing complexion.

Our verdict: This wasn’t quite as poppin’ as the GLAMGLOW mask, so it gets fewer marks for selfie goals. This is definitely a good mask if you have oily skin or are acne-prone, although we wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive skin as it is quite strong. We definitely noticed once we peeled this away (which was a little tricky) that this really purified our skin and helped refine our pores. Instead of using the mask all over, we prefer to use this on our T-zone, cheeks and chin – and definitely avoid your hairline.

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Too Faced, Glow Job Radiance Boosting Glitter Mask, $42

too faced glow job

Source: TooFaced

What it is: A radiance-boosting glitter mask containing real gold that’ll soften, soothe, and brighten your skin to create a glowing canvas for makeup application.

What it promises: To make your skin radiant AF. It’s infused with real gold and apple extract to give you a luminous glow, while gentle exfoliating ingredients lift dull skin.

Our verdict: This wasn’t quite as easy to use as the GLAMGLOW mask, but it did leave our skin looking dewy and glowy, and the selfies were LIT! After waiting 30 minutes to peel away our Edward Cullen-like glow, there was still some leftover residue, which we only learned when someone pointed it out in the middle of the day – we like to think it gave us an extra glow factor! Our skin felt super smooth, and overall we enjoyed the experience.

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Which should you choose?

Out of all three masks, we noticed that the E.L.F glitter mask made the most impact, but it was quite harsh on our skin, so we wouldn’t use this all over our face. We loved both the GLAMGLOW and Too Faced glitter masks, and while it was a really fun experience, we have to say that we feel regular masks may have the edge when it comes to skin-boosting benefits!