Ashley Graham's Go-To Brow Hack Is SO Easy (And Costs $4)


Source: YouTube @Vogue

In the past week, not only did Ashley Graham bless us with one of THE most beautiful Vogue covers of 2019, but in conjunction with the stunning editorial, she also spilled some major beauty secrets. And of course, the beauty tip that caught our attention was a drugstore brow hack that guarantees perfect brows that don’t budge. Intrigued? So were we!  TBH, we’ll try any weird, alternative brow product in the name of killer brows (we regularly use soap on our brows for a thickening effect), so we couldn’t wait to try this brow hack. Here’s everything you need to know…`

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Ashley Graham’s Brow Hack

In a YouTube video filmed for Vogue’s ‘Beauty Secrets,’ Ashley shared her pre-natal skincare routine as well as her everyday glam. Among the creams and skincare saviors (ahem, Skin Ceutical’s C E Ferulic Acid With 15% L-Ascorbic acid, $166, also one of our faves) she revealed that her go-to brow product, is in fact, a regular drugstore hair gel.

To groom her brows, Ashley skips the luxe brow products and grabs a spooley and hair gel instead. Ashley swears your brows won’t move all day, and we can confirm she’s totally right. We trialed the hack for ourselves using the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel, $4, and it majorly came through. Plus, the gel coats the brow hairs, adding a subtle yet glossy finish.

Ashley starts by squeezing a drop of hair gel directly onto the spooley and then brushes it through her brows. Whenever you’re brushing your brows, remember to always start by brushing upwards (at the front of the brow) then towards the tail end when you meet the arch. Depending on your preferred finish, you could opt for a matte hair gel or to thicken the brows, a texturized hair gel. And although Ashley kept it simple and only used gel, if you have sparse brows or prefer a fuller finish, fill your brows in prior to using hair gel. Finishing with gel will help remove any excess pigment and blend the product while locking the hairs in place.

To see her routine in action, check out the video below. Trust us, it’s worth the watch: there are some dope makeup hacks!

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