Baby Bangs Are On The Rise, And We’re Low-key Here For It



Is it just us, or does it seem like celebs are, one by one, parting ways with their minimalist middle parts and substituting them with bangs again? This year we saw the EPIC resurgence of the Y2K beauty aesthetic, which subsequently shaped every viral beauty trend we’ve seen in the last three quarters. From makeup, hair, and nails, edgy, rebellious, and blunt styles are all the rage rn, and we’re seeing this in everyone’s choice of fringe this season. Classic curtain and bottleneck bangs have made a temporary exit as baby bangs take center stage. And can we just say, we’re kinda… No actually, very much obsessed!

What are Baby Bangs?

Baby bangs are literally just that, an itty bitty fringe. This isn’t the first time the baby bang wave has materialized – there was much talk about them two years ago. Let’s just say they accumulated some pretty bad PR as, at the time, the red carpet trend was choppy micro bangs that weren’t necessarily street-style-friendly. But clearly, all publicity is good publicity as baby bangs are now in their comeback era, and they’re more versatile, edgier, sexier, and ridiculously stylish – even Katie Holmes jumped on the wave last week, and she looked SENSATIONAL.

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Scroll on for ALL the baby bang inspo to motivate your next cut…

1. Alexa Demie’s Grunge Micro Bangs

2. Taylor Russell’s Layered Baby Bangs

Besties Alexa and Taylor recently rocked matching baby bangs, and we can’t get enough of their swift transition from a choppy fringe to a more whimsical, wavy style.

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3. Zoë Kravitz’s Side Swept Baby Bangs

4. Megan Thee Stallion and Kylie Jenner’s Blunt Baby Bangs

5. Nicola Peltz Beckham and Jung Ho-yeon’s Choppy Baby Bangs

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6. Demi Lovato’s Textured Baby Bangs

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