Baby Hair 101: How to Lay Your Edges Like Beyoncé

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Learning how to lay your edges is a skill that can take years to perfect, after all, they’re a form of art. Just take a look at this mood board of inspiration created by three incredible celebrity hairstylists. Gorgeous swoops, pretty spirals and delicate designs have been adorning the crowns of Black women (and men) for decades, and now, the addition of gemstones, pearls, and diamontes are adding a fresh spin.


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If you’ve yet to master this skill, don’t fret, as we quizzed the aforementioned hairstylists for their need-to-know tips and ride-or-die products. Spoiler: they all mentioned the exact same product…

Sabrina Porsche’s Top Styling Tips

As soon as you see Sabrina’s social media, you’ll be drooling over the hairstyles she’s created with A-Listers like Beyoncé, J.Lo, and our current girl crush: Shay Mitchell. She’s also a complete pro when it comes to baby hairs. Check out her top tips:

Sabrina’s go-to styling technique: “After I’m done styling my hair in the look that I want, I make sure to leave my edges out. I take my edge control of choice and apply it to my hair. Next, I take my edge brush and use the comb side to smooth out the hair and then use a metal rattail comb to shape the edges into swoops and swirls!”

Sabrina’s Top Tips for Looking After your Baby Hairs

1. Avoid tight styles: “Be careful when using too much tension with styles such as braids or tight ponytails as it can cause thinning,” warns Sabrina.

2. Avoid harsh products: Sabrina also says to be careful when choosing your styling product. She explains, “Stay away from hard gels that can break your hair off. When you’re brushing out your hair, you may brush out your edges along with it.”

3. Avoid heat: Last but not least, Sabrina insists you should stay away from heat. “Heat and edges just don’t mix. Women with textured hair usually go to a small flat iron or hot comb to get hair straight but this can also cause breakage,” says Sabrina.

Sabrina’s Ride-or-Die Products for Laying Edges

Kiss Edge Fixer Glued, $4: Sabrina says she uses this product regularly as it has a great hold and smells SO good.

Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel, $20: According to Sabrina, this edge booster is like a conditioning gel that will help you style with ease and is super long-lasting. It will also leave your hair looking ultra-glossy.

Ebin New York 24 hour Edge Tamer, $8: Sabrina swears, “If you style your edges with this tamer, they won’t move all day long.”

When it comes to her tool of choice, Sabrina adds, “My go-to tools for laying edges are a metal rattail comb for precision styling and an edge brush with a small fine comb on the other end. I actually use the comb more than the brush because I get a smoother and flatter look!”


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Evalyn Denis’ Top Styling Tips

Evalyn is another insanely talented celeb hairstylist who has worked with goddesses like Solange Knowles. Her page is full of beautifully laid edges and dreamy braided styles and we recently got the opportunity to quiz her on her top tips for styling baby hairs.

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Evalyn’s go-to edge technique: “I like to start with my texture foam to see what type of curls my client has. From there I apply edge wax on the baby hairs and lightly guide the pattern I’m going for. Then I seal in the look with my Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel, $20 for maximum hold. Lastly, I tie them down lightly with a wrap strip to set them.”

When we asked Evalyn what baby hair vibe she’s loving RN she said, “I love effortless-looking baby hairs. I try my best not to go over what I’ve created. Remember, perfection isn’t the key, a vibe is.” #Facts!

Evalyn’s Top 3 Tips for Protecting your Baby Hairs


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1. Don’t apply more product to laid edges: To maintain healthy baby hairs, Evalyn insists you should, “Never put a new product over yesterday’s product on your baby hairs.”

2. Cleanse your baby hairs: If you’re trying to revive old baby hairs, Evalyn recommends, “Cleansing before adding more products to them.” She also advises, “Wrapping your hair at night with a silk wrap/bonnet for protection.”

3. Don’t over-style: Finally, as much as you may be tempted, Evalyn says not to, “Constantly manipulate your edges/ baby hairs,” as it’ll lead to damage and thinning.

Evalyn’s Fave Products and Tools

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Evelyn’s ride-or-die products include Murray’s Premium Edge Wax, $4, which is a fave among celeb stylists as it’s long-lasting and has a stronghold. She also loves the Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel, $20, (just like Sabrina), and the Define Me Texture Foam, $16. As for tools, Evalyn recommends a metal rattail comb.

Dom Seeley’s Top Styling Tips

It’s no secret that Dom Seeley is our go-to celeb hairstylist and he’s also worked with supermodels like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Here are his top tips for laying your edges.


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Dom’s baby hair styling technique: “Section out your edges, or, brush the hair down gently along your hairline to find your baby hairs. Apply product directly onto the hairs or onto the tool. Create and have fun with your edges, keep them simple and soft or get creative and make a design or swirls, swoops, and flicks. To lock them into place, tie a silk wrap around the hairline. This helps keep the hair flat and sit firmly to your skin.”

Dom’s Top Three Tip For Protecting Your Edges

1. Section your hairline: “When styling edges, take clean sections as this will help you map the hairline so you can see what you’re working with,” advises Dom.

2. Don’t sleep in edges: Instead, he believes you should, “Always remove them gently with a soft cleanser or shampoo and water as the hairs around your hairline are very delicate.”

3. Be gentle: “Be mindful if you have soft delicate hairs, in which case, don’t be heavy-handed when applying and creating your design. If your hair coily, curly, or thick texture, then you can apply more pressure.”

Dom’s Fave Products and Tools For Laying Edges

1. Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel, $5: This gel is Dom’s go-to, he says “It’s a great flexible gel and doesn’t leave white residue but stays wet enough to manipulate the edges. Plus, it sets strong so your edges will last all day and yet is easily removed.”

2. Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel, $20: It appears if there’s one product to buy for edges, it’s the Style Factor gel as ALL three stylists have ranked it in their top list of products. Dom says he loves it as it’s easy to create swoops, kiss curls, and detailed work.

3. Colorwow Cult Favourite Firm + Flexible Hairspray, $26: “I love using hairspray for edges as it’s softer” says Dom. Continuing, “Some pomade gels or waxes can be intense and give too much definition. Hairspray gives just enough hold to last for a number of hours but with no commitment or having to wash it and brush it out.

As for the best tools, Dom says it varies from person to person. He also adds that he has, “A number of different tools and edge brushes and sometimes the non-conventional are the best.” He also likes to use a toothbrush, which he says is great for beginners.

For more pro tips, check out a celeb hairstylist guide for caring for your curls at home.

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