Balmain Just Completely Revolutionized Hair Extensions, And We’re Shook!


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Hair dreams across the world are coming true, and so have Alya’s! Balmain Hair Couture’s revolutionary extension application is literally unlike any other we’ve ever seen, and Alya’s the first to try them in the Middle East! They’re the healthiest hair extensions EVER made, and they take just ONE HOUR to apply! They use real hair that’s treated to the highest quality – BTW they supply Chanel and Christian Dior with hair for runways and photoshoots – and every piece is multi-toned for dimension and a natural look. Even the bond is healthy for your hair: Balmain has created a revolutionary silk protein bond, which contains 17 out of the 19 amino acids that hair is built on, so there’s no glue or any damage to hair.

Check out Alya getting the Balmain hair extensions done by Balmain’s genius hair technician Guido Rieger.

Usually, you’d have to set aside a whole afternoon for hair extensions and styling, but we’re all busy people, so the possibility of getting a full makeover on our lunch break is a way more realistic option. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever, but you can keep your extensions for 6-8 weeks – although Guido told us that technically they would be okay for up to 12 weeks if they’re really being taken care of. And as frustrating as styling extensions can be, Guido explained that the hair has ‘memory,’ so even if you curl or straighten it, your style should last all day.

And just an FYI, this isn’t sponsored, we’re just shook!