Be A Lady They Said: The Video You NEED To Watch



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Did you watch the video above? Yes? Okay, great!

“Be a Lady, They said!” by Girls Girls Girls Magazine is quite possibly one of the most poignant pieces of work we’ve seen in a long time. The Sex and the City actress, Cynthia Nixon, reads a version of Be A Lady They Said, from writer Camille Rainville’s piece on a Furious Woman blog. The video highlights all the contradictions that society dictate to women; the things women are told to be or do from a young age, and the conflicting messages that women hear constantly throughout their lives. Whether it’s how to behave, how to dress, or how to eat – the video strikes a chord.

A prime example of that, which Cynthia powerfully reads: “You look frumpy. Loosen up. Show some skin. Look sexy. Look hot. Don’t be so provocative. You’re asking for it. Wear black. Wear heels. You’re too dressed up. You’re too dressed down. Don’t wear those sweatpants; you look like you’ve let yourself go.” It sounds all too familiar!

We’re also big fans of the Instagram caption “We are just going to leave this right here and see what happens……….” The video says it all, and we love that Girls Girls Girls Magazine is starting this conversation.

Of course, there’s been plenty of controversy around the video, but all we can say is that this resonated very deeply with us and the more people that see it, the better! The video has already had millions of views on both Instagram and Vimeo and we really look forward to seeing what discussions this video opens up.

How did this video make you feel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.