We Tried This Internet Beauty Hack, And We Learnt A Lesson


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Every makeup lover knows the painful struggle of having to clean their makeup sponge. And you know that if you don’t clean it regularly, it’ll turn into a gross, dense ball of foundation that’s really not suitable to put anywhere near your face. So naturally, we were down to try anything that would help us clean it with the least amount of effort, and that’s why we were psyched when we saw this hack. The hack seemed so simple: just submerge your beauty blender in a glass with a quick squirt of Fairy Liquid, then zap it in the microwave for a minute. The result was magical; out of the microwave came a sparkly beauty blender that looked fresh from the shelves of Sephora. Of course, we had to try it out for ourselves – it seemed too good to be true!

Beauty blender tweet

Beauty blender cleaning hack

Source: Twitter l @Yazz#2UCL

Our Verdict: We followed the instructions, but when our beauty blender came out, it was a distinctly average result; yes, it was a little cleaner, but it didn’t make the full transformation we were hoping for. Our beauty blender still had a considerable amount of product on it, and we burnt our hand in the process of removing it– watch out, the water is hot! Also note: DO NOT put it back in the microwave without any water to dry it… Your blender will melt!

We tweaked our method and gave it another go; here’s how it worked out:

dirty beauty blender-1-3

Here’s what we learned:

  • The hack works a lot better when the sponge is fully submerged in water. From the original video we saw, it only said to submerge it half.
  • After watching a variety of vlogs, it definitely has the best results when you use a really strong detergent rather than just any washing-up soap.
  • If you soak your blender in water for one minute before and then place it in the microwave, it works really well. But we still had to complete the hack twice to get it fully clean.

Our verdict? After all that effort, our trusty technique of scrubbing the blender against a bar of soap and rinsing it before we use it each day seems waaaay less effort! Check out why you need to wash your beauty blender every day here.