3 Epic Beauty Hacks You Can Pull Off With a Fork & Spoon!


One lesson we learned in quarantine is that kitchen pantries are gold mines for DIY hacks. From makeshift face masks to a cuticle-conditioning olive oil dip or a scalp-rebooting ACV rinse — the possibilities are endless when concocting a few homemade hair and skincare blends. But one compartment that many of us tend to gloss over is our kitchen cutlery trays, and it turns out TikTok whizzes prove this is a source for some game-changing beauty tricks. A few faves we recently bookmarked…

Hack #1: A Foolproof Cut Crease

Mastering a killer cut crease is no easy feat, but thanks to makeup artist Ariana (@enchantedmakeup), molding crisp and razor-sharp lids is now a breeze thanks to her epic step-by-step guide.

@enchantedmakeupEste maquillaje me gusto mucho mas que el otro 🤭 #spoonmakeupchallenge #spoonmakeup #makeuphackstutorial #hacksdemaquillaje #easymakeuphack #glamm♬ original sound – A

Her quickie how-to:

  1. Along with a teaspoon, pick a rich eyeshadow shade of your choice and a dense shading or crease brush. We love Ulta’s Crease Brush #41, $12, for some so(lid) definition.
  2. Now that your tools are in order, place the head of the spoon over your entire lid, ensuring that the edge of it sits right over the crease. Then, with a crease brush, gently blend some eyeshadow along the curves of the spoon, and voila! A bomb cut crease that’s way easier to achieve, especially if the freehand route doesn’t work for you. And the brilliance doesn’t stop there, as Ariana also makes use of the handle for a sleek winged look on the outer eyes — enhancing this further with some glitter liner.

Hack #2: A Negative Space Wing

You’re probably wondering where exactly the fork comes in? Rashna Kutwaroo (@rashnakutwaroo) flawlessly showcases how to sculpt out a striking negative space wing by simply adding eyeshadow in between the prongs of her fork — ugh, her MIIIIND! 

@rashnakutwarooOkay!!! Since you guys loved the first 1 so much. Is this a 👍🏻 or 👎 #greenscreenvideo #eyeshadowhack #viral #spoonhack #beautytips #easymakeup♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

You can replicate her chic look with our Python Wild Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette and a few other HB makeup staples:

#3: Curl Your Lashes To New Heights

Another clever trick is Nailea’s (@naileaarellano0) curling hack for the most lifted lashes ever. She starts by angling the edge of a fork at the base of her lashes then, with her index finger, applies pressure from beneath to gently press and glide the fork in an upward motion, resulting in a gorgeous lifted finish. Just be sure to use gentle pressure so you don’t tug your lashes.

@hudabeauty@naileaarellano0 #curlinglashes #hudabeauty #foryou #makeuphacks♬ Listen – TikTok

Take this lash drama to the next level by doubling up on your mascara formulas. Begin with our Legit Lashes Mascara, $27, for major curl and a volumizing effect, then seal it off with our new baby Legit Lashes Waterproof Mascara Topcoat, $19, for pristine peepers that will seriously outlast gym or a dance sesh.

For more amazing mascara hacks, these 10 tricks will give you the most jaw-dropping lashes, trust us!

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